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Sale of Staircase Lift and Installation of Stairlifts for Elderly

The sale of stair lifts and the installation of stairlifts for the elderly represents for Mobility Care the predominant activity of the company thanks to the experience over ten years in the national field with thousands of systems installed and equally satisfied customers.
We offer free consultations and carry out projects for the removal of architectural barriers in private and public buildings at ultra-competitive prices. We create inclusive venues in compliance with Law 13 of 9 January 1989 and of the Ministerial Decree 236 of June 14, 1989.
Our technicians are prepared and qualified for the installation of chairlift stairlifts and platform stairlifts for straight stairs, curved staircases and spiral staircases. For the overcoming of wheelchair floors we provide track-mounted stairlifts, wheeled stairlifts and install open compartment elevators, closed compartment elevators, home lifts and elevating platforms for the elderly. If you need to cross small gradients we install micro-elevators, mobile lift platforms, flag hoists or ramps for disabled people with a maximum slope of 8%.
In addition to the sale of stair lifts and the installation of stairlifts for the elderly Mobility

Care deals with the design, construction and renovation of bathrooms to make them accessible and functional to anyone.
We have at your disposal tanks with doors, shower stalls for the disabled, non-slip shower trays, Easy Toilet Lift, grab bars and many other accessories in our product range. All our bathroom aids are of high quality, free of toxic paints and comply with CE standards.
Your well-deserved rest and that of your family is guaranteed by the very comfortable ergonomic relaxation armchairs with lift and bed systems that make them ideal for your mobility needs. The two engines transform your chair lift for the elderly into a comfortable bed thanks to the reclining function.
Let Mobility Care take care of your accessibility. We provide you with a turnkey service. You will be able to take advantage of the 4% subsidized VAT and personal income tax deduction 50% on the entire amount spent. In the sales of stairlifts and installation of stairlifts for the elderly, Mobility Care deals with all the necessary procedures for the realization of your plant for the removal of vertical barriers.
Your satisfaction is the key to our success!

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These elevators for the elderly and disabled have a versatile design and are designed to fit elegantly in different architectural contexts. The ideal solution for your home or condominium.

Lift 500 Lifting Platform

The Lift 500 Lift Platform allows you to overcome differences in height up to 50 cm. It does not require masonry work and can be easily installed in small spaces inside and outside buildings.

Bath Accessories

Fixed and reclining support handles, shower chairs, taps with clinical lever and suspended ergonomic washbasins are just some of the accessories we use to make our customers’ bathrooms accessible.

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