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Abatement of architectural barriers

We have solutions for the removal of architectural barriers.
Mobility Care is a company specialized in providing concrete and effective answers to people with mobility difficulties who are faced with overcoming steps and differences in height.

Our systems for the removal of architectural barriers are designed in compliance with the regulations in force for those who are in wheelchairs, temporarily or permanently, for the disabled and for the elderly.

Thanks to our solutions for the elimination of architectural barriers, it becomes possible to overcome the entry steps and stairways, both straight and curved, with comfort and safety. Our products are installed in private homes, condominiums, buildings, offices, shopping centers and public buildings.

For the elimination of architectural barriers we provide a wide catalog of products that includes: chair lift, platform stair lift, wheeled stair lift, track lift, mini lift with open compartment and closed compartment.

The solutions are designed based on the specific mobility needs to be solved and are carefully installed. Furthermore, Mobility Care provides an efficient after-sales service.

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