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Rely on Mobility Care's Alza Wc Easy for seniors and regain your daily independence in moments of privacy such as going to the bathroom. Convenience, safety, self-sufficiency are essential when you are no longer young to ensure a peaceful and dignified life. The Easy Electric Rise Toilet is an automatic lifter that thanks to the two buttons placed at the end of the two ergonomic support handles allows you to accompany the movements of the body from the upright position to the sitting position and vice versa in total tranquility and comfort. We will solve your problem forever. No more embarrassment, no disturbance to your intimacy and you won't have to ask anyone for help anymore. You can return to being completely self-sufficient by giving you total autonomy at such a private time as going to the toilet. Alza Wc Easy will accompany you in movements with the utmost gentleness. Once installed you will do it all by yourself.

Product designed and built totally Made in Italy with two-year warranty, which can also be purchased in comfortable installments by accessing one of our financing.

Call us on the toll-free number 800 598078 and a non-committal Mobility Care consultant will come to your home to provide you with all the information you need. Discover the pleasure of returning to feel free in your home.


The Mobility Care Easy Lift for Seniors respects the main features dictated by ergonomics and is easy to install.

The electric lift aid is able to lift people weighing up to 200 kilograms, ensuring maximum safety in the bathroom, high stability and balance thanks to the constant support of your feet on the ground without looming in fear of unbalanced forward. Discover the pleasure of privacy again with Alza Wc Easy. It will really change your life by making you go back to your most intimate moments without the use of expensive carers such as carers or O.S.S. (social health workers).

The installation by our technicians will take place in less than an hour without having to intervene with heavy masonry works. The height adjustable feet that are at the base of the electric toilet lift allow you to adapt the aid to the toilets with different height measurements. The engine, powered by a 24-V transformer, can be installed on the right or left side of the product to help it be installed at the nearest 220 V power outlet.

The modern and essential lines of the toilet lift installed by Mobility Care allow you to easily integrate with any furniture and fit in compactly on the existing toilets


Discover the benefits of Mobility Care's Easy Rise for seniors, the ideal solution to your problems to go to the bathroom. When for age you have to use the bathroom several times a day, and getting up has become very tiring, our toilet lift will lift you from the heaviness of your movements. Mobility Care is a company specializing in aids for disabled and elderly people with walking difficulties.

With the use of our electric water lift you will be able to:

  • reproduce the natural movement of the body avoiding heavy physical exertion thus reducing the use of assistants and making you autonomous and independent in your privacy;
  • Stop in any position you want, by controlling the movements with the controls placed in the handlebars, thus ensuring comfort even to those who can not bend their knees 90 degrees;
  • drastically reduce the risk of joint injuries obtained due to ruinous falls due to poor coordination and insecurity in movements;
  • clean it quickly and easily thanks to the smooth surfaces that limit the accumulation of dirt;
  • also be used by other family members in the lowered position as comparable to a common house toilet;
  • Control your toilet lifter through an additional remote control. It is suitable for those who are not able to support with the pressure of the thumb the control of the aid and facilitate the person who is assisting it;
  • ensure maximum well-being during your bathroom activity thanks to the use of non-proliferant non-proliferation non-proliferation paints for bacteria that allow you to protect your health while the product comes into contact with your skin.

Contact us for a free inspection or to get more information about the Easy Lift for the elderly and disabled, the product that will change your life. For the purchase of this toilet lift you will be able to benefit from VAT at 4% in addition to the IRPEF deduction of 19% on total expenditure, including installation, by presenting your disability certificate and a statement from your physio that certifies the functional tracome- between the product and your motor disability.

Mobility Care also deals with the sale of servo scale for the elderly, accessible bathroom furniture, installation of tubs with door for easy access to people with walking difficulties as well as installation of shower box with flat flush floor floor to facilitate the entry of the wheelchair and avoid ruinous falls by the elderly.


Our bathroom services and accessories meet the insecurity of the elderly's walking and facilitate his personal hygiene with a range of bath accessories for the elderly.

Do not give up a comfortable hot bath. Our bathroom handles will support you in your entry and exit movements as well as help you sit and get up by taking a comfortable stand. In case you don't want to abandon your old tub for one of our easy tubs with built-in ergonomic seat, you can always think of using our electric nice life lifts. This device for the elderly and disabled does not require special installations and also allows wheelchair users to enjoy the well-deserved bathroom with maximum comfort and safety. To sit on the aid, simply flank the wheelchair to the pool edge and proceed with the transfer to the seat of the beautiful life placed inside it. Once you're in the lift seat, you can go down to the bottom of the tank yourself by simply pressing one of the two buttons on the remote control.

In addition, for those who have difficulty walking, we also provide a tub seat with a chrome steel back that, supported by the edges, allows you to sit inside your tub at a higher height than the bottom in order to encourage sitting and raising person's.

Our range of bathroom accessories also includes bath tent rods or curtain arms that allow you to get more privacy while you're showering inside your tub or while sitting at the toilet. Contact us at t

he toll-free number 800 598078 to schedule a free inspection directly to your home. We will provide you with the ideal solution to your mobility needs in the bathroom.

Mobility Care's skills include the sale of a servo ladder for the elderly, the installation of a platform servo scale and a armchair servo staircase. We also provide ladders with tracks, carry-on ramps, fixed ramps or modular ramps as well as installing household elevators and industrial lifts.

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