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The relaxation chair with Kappa 20 footrests for the elderly is equipped with an innovative 4-movement mechanics with lift, relaxation and bed functions. Such aids for the elderly allow you to get up and sit effortlessly. It is a high-quality, two-engine Italian engine that ensures smooth movement and safe and durable operation.

The coating of the relaxation chair with Kappa 20 footrests for the elderly is packaged with fabrics in water-repellent, breathable and anti-stain-proof nanotechnology. To provide better support and comfort, the padding is made of expanded polyurethane that is indeformable with differentiated density. Mobility Care's Kappa 20 footrest relaxation chair has a range of 130 kg.

Relaxation armchairs with EK20-2 footrests can also be used by disabled people benefiting from the purchase at attractive prices thanks to the dedicated tax breaks. They are equipped with a wheeled system that allows you to move with the patient on board. The model has a reclining back and footrests.

The relaxation chair with Kappa 20 footrests has the following construction features:

  • Structure designed with wood and iron;
  • Sitting composed of a frame of Greek springs;
  • Padding made of expanded polyurethane indeformable with differentiated density;
  • Italian components and engines;
  • Maximum range 130 kg;
  • Lift, Relax, Bed Functions

Come and visit us in the showrooms of Treviso and Milan to see and touch the elegance and comfort of our relaxation armchairs with Kappa 20 footrests. Contact us on the toll-free number 800 598078 to ask for more information about our armchair range and tax breaks for the elderly and disabled. Relaxa

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