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Mobility Care’s indoor and outdoor armchair-mounted staircases are simple, safe and reliable.

Straight stairs, curved stairs with gradient changes and spiral staircases, our armchairs are designed to fit any type of compartment. The ideal solution for the removal of architectural barriers in your home or condominium.

Our mobile chair for stairs has a comfortable ergonomic seat, a smooth and silent movement that ensures maximum comfort when moving to the floors of the house.

Mobility Care’s indoor and outdoor armchair servos move on a two-track system. They can be mounted on both sides of the staircase, thus offering multiple solutions for the starting and finishing position of the armchair.

We know that our customers have different accessibility needs. With the help of our mobility specialist and thanks to our design studio you will get your custom-made electric saliscale and a design that integrates perfectly with the colors of your environment.

We strictly adhere to delivery times and within a few days of order confirmation the device will be installed and ready for use.

You will finally be able to return to feel free and independent in your movements inside and outside the house.

All our indoor and outdoor staircases are covered by a 24-month warranty and the first maintenance is free of charge by signing the relevant contract.

Our team of experts will guide you through the after-sales service, helping you at every stage of the process. In addition, by purchasing our products to overcome architectural barriers you will benefit from regional contributions and IRPEF tax deductions of 50% of the total expenditure incurred with VAT at 4%.


Mobility Care’s indoor and outdoor armchair-mounted staircases have the following features:

  • Safety: thanks to the sensors installed in several points of the electric saliscal, it will automatically stop if it unintentionally hits a person or an object. Additional functions such as acoustic diagnostics, removable key switch and retractable seat belt are also available.
  • Reliability: the presence of the battery allows the armchair servo scale to continue to operate even in the event of a power failure. Once the power supply is restored, the battery automatically recharges at the two starting points.
  • High quality: the saliscal aids sold and installed by Mobility Care are made using components of the highest quality to provide reliable and durable solutions provided that the user follows the specific conditions of use and performs the appropriate routine maintenance.
  • High load capacity: in the standard version it supports a weight of 125 kg. For higher load capacities, the HD version is available, which supports a weight of up to 160 kg.
  • Ease of use: the servos for indoor and outdoor armchairs are started up by means of the joystick in the armrest on board the machine or by means of the two radio controls supplied for remote control. The rotation of the seat to facilitate landing on the floors is manual or motorized (optional).
  • Reduced dimensions: the closing of the seat, armrests and footrest upwards to reduce the dimensions inside the compartment is carried out manually by means of a lever.
  • Reduced dimensions: the closing of the seat, armrests and footrest upwards to reduce the dimensions inside the compartment is carried out manually by means of a lever.
  • Colours: the standard colour of the seat is beige. Green, red and brown are also available as options. The guides are white.
  • Slope: the chair to climb the stairs of Mobility Care can be installed on a guide with a maximum slope of 52°.

The staircases restore accessibility and autonomy to the elderly and disabled. Rediscover your freedom of movement inside and outside the home. Contact Mobility Care now!!!

installazione servoscala a poltroncina in showroom Mobility Care

February 2019: Installation of armchair servos for interiors and exteriors, chairs for stairs for the elderly and disabled in Treviso;

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