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With kappa 06 motorized armchairs to one or two engines you will be able to relax comfortably relaxed during your daily breaks. Once you've finished resting to get up, just press the remote control button. The smooth and safe movement allows you to get back on your feet without having to ask for help from your caregivers. The Kappa 06 motorized armchairs to one or two engines are equipped with a 4-movement mechanic that allows you to take different positions from lying to the one that facilitates the return to an upright position.

The EK06 one- or two-engined electric iplan is designed in Italy with a great focus on quality and attention to detail. They have a range of 130 kg and are equipped with a comfortable system for adjusting the height of the seat, able to improve the position when approaching the armchair to the table.

For the coating of kappa 06 motorized armchairs to one or two engines you can choose the fabric in microfiber or eco-leather in different colors. Thanks to the roller system it is possible to move on wheels. The armchair is also available in the bed version.

Key features of Kappa 06 elevator seats:

  • wire remote control for adjusting lift, bed and relaxation movements;
  • guarantee of "Made in Italy" production;
  • comfortable pocket door side items;
  • wheels with brake;
  • mechanism protection carter;
  • solid structure in iron and wood;
  • expanded polyurethane padding indeformable with differentiated density;
  • 130 kg.

Check out our range of motorized armchairs for the elderly, prices and tax deductions for the handicapped. Come and visit us in our showrooms in Treviso and Milan to experience the comfort of Kappa 06 motorized armchairs with one or two engines.

Contact us on 800 598078 to make an appointment or to proceed with the purchase of your new chair suitable for the well-being of the whole family. If you prefer you can also buy our product via email address .

In addition, to make your home environments accessible entrusted to Mobility Care. Through the free inspection by our qualified technicians we will find the ideal solution to your needs. Our decades of experience in the sale of servo scale for the elderly, installation of open-space lifts, closed compartment lifts, ramps for disabled people and industrial lifts has allowed us and allows us every day to make our customers happy making them independent again. Cat

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