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Let yourself be pampered by Mobility Care's electric relaxation stand-up seats. Our motorised armchairs for the elderly and disabled are comfortable, durable and especially Made in Italy from design to realization. They are built to last over time thanks to:

  • a solid iron and wood structure supported by a durable mechanics;
  • coloured fabrics in anti-stain-proof, breathable and water-repellent microfibres;
  • a padding made of expanded polyurethane indeformable with variable density;
  • a session made with Greek springs according to the principles of high ergonomics. A mix that guarantees a maximum range of 130 kg.

The one-man relaxation/lift armchair (EK91-1) or two (EK91-2) engines will be the ideal companion of life for your well-being during cold winter days, for the recovery of the energies physically spent during the working day, as well as being appreciated by the rest of the family because it is not only beautiful to see, but above all soft and comfortable.

The kappa 91 electric relaxation armchairs are also equipped with easy-to-move front wheels and a standard arm restcover and armchair cover.

The main features from the electric relaxation armchairs liftka 91 can be summarized in:

  • four-movement mechanics with Lift/ Relax function;
  • resistant structure in wood and iron;
  • Italian components and engines;
  • motion control remote control;
  • seating frame made with Greek springs;
  • 130 kg;
  • expanded polyurethane padding indeformable with differentiated density;
  • soft armchair cover and armrest covers;
  • front wheels.

The electric armchairs lift person kappa 91 are equipped with motorized footrests, ideal for those suffering from swollen legs due to the difficult circulation. This type of armchair allows you to obtain important economic benefits during the purchase saving more than 30% on the list cost. For more information, see our pricing guide and tax breaks for relaxation chairs. You can also contact our sales office on the toll-free number 800 598078 to get more guidance and satisfy your every curiosity.

Mobility Care designs accessibility in and out of public and private buildings. The decades of experience in the sale of servo scale for the elderly and the installation of products such as armchair servo staircase, home elevators, industrial lifts, elevators for the elderly and bathroom accessories allows us to easily break down all the architectural barriers present in the rooms by making them comply with the directives described in D.P.R 503/96 and Law 13/89.

Come and visit us in our new showrooms in Treviso and Milan to appreciate the comfort of the electric relaxation seats lifts person kappa 91 of Mobility Care. Once you try, you won't be able to do without it.

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