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Seats Relax Lift Kappa 05

Sitting on the kappa 05 lift relaxation armchairs is a real pleasure. The respectful design of the ergonomics makes them particularly comfortable and, thanks to the classic style, integrate with the décor of all the houses.

The Kappa 05 relaxation lift armchairs for the elderly have a range of 130 kg and are equipped with a wire remote control for adjusting the controls. The 4-movement mechanics is designed in Italy and is extremely fluid. You can choose between microfiber or eco-leather coatings, while the padding is made of expanded polyurethane indeformable with differentiated density.

On request, Mobility Care's EK05 lift relaxation armchairs can be equipped with a pull-out armrest. This solution can be very convenient to bring the armchair closer to the table and to facilitate the movement of people.

Features of the Kappa 05 relaxation lift armchairs:

  • wire control for adjusting motion;
  • guarantee of "Made in Italy" production;
  • comfortable pocket carrying items;
  • wheels with brake;
  • mechanism protection carter;
  • iron and wood structure;
  • four-movement mechanics with bed, lift and relaxation functions;
  • expanded polyurethane padding indeformable with differentiated density;
  • 130 kg .

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