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Seats Relax Lift Kappa 05


Our solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of people with motor difficulties and improve the comfort of their lives. Shower stalls for the elderly and disabled, in particular, are designed to make the bath time safer and more pleasant.

Those who find it difficult to use the bathtub with age or those with reduced movement skills can find great comfort in our shower stalls for the elderly and disabled: comfortable and functional, without sacrificing aesthetics.

The shower stalls for the elderly have a modern and elegant design and can be inserted into any bathroom, without taking away space from the sanitary pads, even if the available spaces are not large.

At the top, shower stalls for the elderly and disabled can be equipped with an open space to improve functionality and care. They can also be customized with different accessories to increase comfort.

All products made available by Mobility Care are subject to a thorough audit phase that verifies their exact line-up to company standards. A lot of attention is paid to respecting health and the environment, taking care to use biocompatible materials and toxic raw materials in shower stalls for the elderly and di

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