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Artira platform stairlift


The Artira stair climber for the elderly is synonymous with innovation because the management of its functions is completely electronic. This model of stairlift is available both in manual version and with automated movements that allow the user to overcome stairs and gradients of all kinds with ease and effort, ensuring safety and total autonomy.

Using the stair climber for the elderly and disabled is very simple and intuitive. The movements are activated by pressing a button that lights up. In this way it is possible to call the stairlift, open and close the platform.

The very quiet operation of the stair climber for the elderly and disabled makes this model particularly suitable for installation in condominiums or buildings with multiple apartments because it does not disturb neighbors. Furthermore, the compact design allows easy insertion in any architectural context.

Artira allows you to overcome straight, curved and varying inclination staircases and can be placed indoors and outdoors. A special galvanizing treatment gives the stair climber for the elderly and disabled a particular resistance to atmospheric agents and bad weather.