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Safety and independence are some of the missions that Mobility Care wants to guarantee to its customers with the sale and installation of bathroom accessories for the elderly and disabled. Our aids guarantee a high well-being within the home environments and allow us to take care of your needs by creating for you a hospitable and welcoming habitat.

With small interventions such as the introduction of ergonomic seats, tipper support handles, sanitary for the elderly or clinical lyuse faucets we are able to renew in a short time and reduced costs your bathroom without upsetting the environment even in case of momentary disability.

Our products are made with non-high-noncheal paints, are safe and edgeless, easy to clean and all meet EC requirements. Among our solutions you can find:

  • accessories for autonomy in the bathroom;
  • shower accessories;
  • accessories for the bathtub;

Proper nutrition and improved modus operandi within the workplace, thanks to the introduction of innovative technology, has radically changed people's lifestyle with consequent psychophysical benefit. In recent years this has contributed to a significant increase in the number of elderly people with a marked improvement in the quality of life after 65 years compared to the past. Another key step is the frequent presence of grandchildren in their lives so much that they consider this phase as a second youth and require the introduction of an additional temporal step called the Fourth Age.

The presence of an elderly and still active population, however, also needs environments suitable for safe movement, free of obstacles, able to ensure mobility even in view that the reflections are no longer those of the past. In this area Mobility Care comes to the rescue by installing in your home various types of bathroom accessories suitable for the elderly, such as handles, shower stools and ergonomic sanitary, able to make you feel safe and independent during your intimate moments like going to the toilet.

Often we tend to postpone the adjustment of the premises and we underestimate the importance of making your home environment safe, where you spend most of your life, in order to prevent ruinous falls and joint trauma that with age difficult healings if not permanent disabilities. The latter involve needing to get personal assistance resulting in exponential costs compared to the initial costs to make your bathroom accessible with the help of Mobility Care.


Rely on Mobility Care to make your bathroom safe and comfortable. A consultant will come directly to your home and show you the wide range of autonomy accessories in the catalog. With small tricks you can return to being independent in your most intimate moments such as taking care of personal hygiene. Among our products designed to facilitate your autonomy needs you can find:

  • Suspended ergonomic sinks for the elderly that facilitate the approach of the person to the tap and allow the safe support of the elbows or accessories on the sides;
  • clinical lever taps that facilitate the opening and proper mixing of water for people with reduced motor skills in the upper limbs;
  • toilet vase with front hole or sanitary vessel used for the transfer of the person from wheelchair to toilet or regulated by our technicians at the correct height to be used with a shower wheelchair;
  • bidet with front hole ensures practicality during your personal hygiene;
  • shower chair or shower stools for the elderly that thanks to the anti-slip caps guarantee safety and comfort while you are preparing in front of the sink;
  • Reclining mirror with LED lights that can be adjusted according to your needs and get a wider view of your person;
  • Fixed or reclining handles for the elderly that in addition to supporting your movements in the bathroom can also be used as handles, handles with shelf, soap handles and toilet paper handles;
  • Shower trays with raised profile and shower plates floor wire can facilitate access to elderly people with severe walking problems or people with disabilities who need a wheelchair to be able to move. They can be made of fiberglass, acrylic stone or acrylic resin.

These are just a few of our hundreds of bathroom accessories available to make your bathroom affordable. Contact us and we will find together the ideal solution for your needs.


Mobility Care is responsible for the sale and installation of shower accessories for the elderly that can improve autonomy and safety in the bathroom. Simple tasks such as washing can become an insurmountable problem for a person with slight walking difficulties. Poor coordination carries the risk of falling, resulting in trauma to one's physique. Install our disabled aids in your shower box, such as:

  • reclining shower handles;
  • reclining chair or shower stool;
  • shower column with safety handles;
  • helpils carry objects;

The shower accessories for the elderly are designed with high-quality water-resistant materials, waterproof and able to last over time.

The support handles, chair and shower stools are created without intermediate joints and the supports are designed to ensure valid support for people and are easily installed by our technicians. The shower aids for the elderly are made of hot galvanized steel tube and coated with non-slip vinyl, biocompatible and with antibacterial effect thanks to a silver ion treatment.


Our bathroom services and accessories meet the insecurity of the elderly's walking and facilitate his personal hygiene with a range of bath accessories for the elderly.

Do not give up a comfortable hot bath. Our bathroom handles will support you in your entry and exit movements as well as help you sit and get up by taking a comfortable stand. In case you don't want to abandon your old tub for one of our easy tubs with built-in ergonomic seat, you can always think of using our electric nice life lifts. This device for the elderly and disabled does not require special installations and also allows wheelchair users to enjoy the well-deserved bathroom with maximum comfort and safety. To sit on the aid, simply flank the wheelchair to the pool edge and proceed with the transfer to the seat of the beautiful life placed inside it. Once you're in the lift seat, you can go down to the bottom of the tank yourself by simply pressing one of the two buttons on the remote control.

In addition, for those who have difficulty walking, we also provide a tub seat with a chrome steel back that, supported by the edges, allows you to sit inside your tub at a higher height than the bottom in order to encourage sitting and raising person's.

Our range of bathroom accessories also includes bath tent rods or curtain arms that allow you to get more privacy while you're showering inside your tub or while sitting at the toilet. Contact us at t

he toll-free number 800 598078 to schedule a free inspection directly to your home. We will provide you with the ideal solution to your mobility needs in the bathroom.

Mobility Care's skills include the sale of a servo ladder for the elderly, the installation of a platform servo scale and a armchair servo staircase. We also provide ladders with tracks, carry-on ramps, fixed ramps or modular ramps as well as installing household elevators and industrial lifts.

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