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Among the services offered by Mobility Care is the creation of bathrooms for the elderly and disabled. Our design studio will create a bespoke design for you of your new bathroom with the ideal solution to solve your problems of independence and accessibility.



We use products made from high-quality materials that are free of coughing paints and comply with EC directives.

Download our product catalog to get more information in order to make your bathroom area accessible.

Among our solutions suitable for your bathroom renovation you can find:

For work carried out in accordance with the law during the construction and renovation of bathrooms for the elderly, it must be noted as described in the Ministerial Decree of Public Works No. 236 of 14/06/89, which collects the technical requirements for overcoming and removing architectural barriers in order to ensure that everyone has the accessibility, stability and visitability of private buildings or subsidized public housing.

In Italy, according to ISTAT data December 2014, the number of elderly over 65s present in the territory is growing more and more, for a percentage of 21.7%. With the growth of the elderly population, the presence of disabling diseases also increases due to the progressive decrease in joint mobility. In addition to the problems due to old age, according to medical studies (Atlas and Ats), serious diseases such as multiple sclerosis and parkinson are on the rise as well as chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis and arthritis considered the second most common in Italy (ISTAT 2014). Due to reduced mobility and difficulty coordinating, even simple daily hygiene tasks can become arduous and require help from an assistant.

Mobility Care bathroom solutions help you get back autonomous and safe in your bathroom movements by rediscovering the pleasure of privacy during your intimate moments.



For the construction and renovation of bathrooms for the elderly and disabled Mobility Care uses handles, shower chairs, toilet lifts, bidets and sinks made following the principles dictated by ergonomics and designed to be used by people with difficulties Motor.

The bathroom-designed, elegantly designed senior aids feature sinuous lines with rounded edges to avoid possible dangerous injuries during their use. You can also install the accessories inside your current bathroom to make it accessible, safe and comfortable for anyone.

Rely on Mobility Care to renovate your bathroom. Take advantage of regional contributions L 13/1989 for the removal of architectural barriers and tax breaks that allow you to deduct the entire expenditure of 50% on the IRPEF.


Mobility Care's senior showers with a raised or floor-wire plate can be tailored to make entry easier and possible for wheelchair-bound people as well.

Before long we can replace your old bathtub with one of our shower stalls for the elderly and disabled that can be used by anyone without limitations.

We will also completely renew your toilet by installing new sanitary products designed with high-quality materials that are also suitable for transfer for wheelchair users.


The installation of tubs with a door for the elderly allows you not to give up the pleasure and well-being of making a warm bath comfortably sitting.

All you have to do is call us at 800 598078 to request a quote and get all the necessary information about deductions and prices for the construction of bathrooms for the elderly and disabled.

With bathtubs with a door you will no longer have the problem of climbing over the edge of the bathtub risking ruinous falls and trauma.

The bathtub with a door, one of the most comfortable elder aids, allows for an easy entrance and the ergonomic seat ensures a stable seat making you experience a high well-being during your bath.

Our bathtubs are of different sizes and you can decide according to your needs the side in which to enter to also encourage the help of the person who is assisting you in the movements.


Increase comfort and security in your home by installing Mobility Care's home and disabled bathroom accessories.

If you have trouble standing for a long time, or if you can't get up easily after sitting for an extended period, you can rely on our handles ready to support your weight and help you maintain the correct balance Physical.

Mobility Care handles come in a wide range of models and materials. They can be easily installed anywhere in the house satisfying any design need with the ideal color for you. Bathroom handrails and reclining shower seat allow you to be autonomous and safe during your personal hygiene movements in the bathroom despite reduced mobility.

In case you do not want to install the wall shower chair you can buy one of our stools with containment armrests also made from anti-corrosive material.

Long-lever or sensor taps, shower stool, electric toilet lift, disabled toilet, ergonomic sinks and many other bathroom aids dedicated to the renovation and construction of bathrooms for the elderly and disabled allow us to meet yours mobility and security needs, finding the ideal solution to your problems.


With Mobility Care's Lift Easy, the electric toilet lift, you'll be back to being as safe and independent in the bathroom as it used to be. As we get older,

sale raises toilet easy electric

weight or difficulty walking, even the simplest movements such as getting up and sitting on the toilet could become a problem.

Thanks to a powerful 24-volt engine, powered by a common electrical outlet through the supplied transformer, you can get up or sit

conveniently by pressing the button at the end of the support handles.

In addition, Mobility Care's electric toilet lift allows anyone to use the toilet in the low position.

Another factor not to be underestimated is the height of the seat that is adjustable to facilitate the transfer from the wheelchair to the aid, or vice versa, avoids

dangerous skin irritations and the formation of bedsores.

Call the toll-free number 800 598078 immediately for free advice on how to make your own accessible bathroom. Mobility Care, thanks to its wide range of bathroom accessibility aids, is able to meet any of your safety and comfort needs. Small measures such as the insertion of ramps, seat lifts, non-slip floors and adequate sanitation are often enough for the construction of bathrooms for the elderly and disabled. Practical and functional aids to your daily needs.

Let Mobility Care safely accompany your movements.

Take advantage of tax breaks to make all other environments in your home accessible. The area in which we operate also includes the sale of servo scale for the elderly and the installation of servo scale at armchair or platform servo staircase. We also sell and install ramps for the elderly and disabled, elevators for the home such as open-range elevators, closed-space lifts and industrial lifts.

For your daily relaxation take advantage of the comfort offered by our seats relax person raises. Mobility Care's motorized elevated armchairs help you stand on your feet at rest at rest by simply pressing on the supplied remote control.


The installation of fixed elevators requires permissions from the municipality. Mobility Care, as well as selling elevators for the elderly, can provide you with all the documentation you need to start work, information on tax breaks and funding to buy your platform in convenient installments. The Application for Start Activity (could be a SCIA, DIA, CILA or CIL according to municipal ordinances) must be submitted by a qualified technician such as a surveyor, engineer or architect. Only after receiving the positive opinion can we proceed with the installation of your ideal elevator. Once the plant is finished, you will need to communicate to the City Office, which will issue you a freshman number, through the form in charge. This identifier is necessary to recognize your product during the verbalization of mandatory six-monthly routine maintenance by our authorized company. According to the D.P.R. 162/99 closed lifts exceeding 3 m. must be subject to eligibility checks by an authorised entity every two years. This body must be chosen by the owner of the plant and must also be communicated to its municipality.

Mobility Care's commercial department is not only responsible for selling elevators for the elderly and disabled, but is able to help you with the necessary paperwork to obtain the necessary permissions to install your elevator, as well as Follow you in all the necessary works to have your plant keys in hand without worrying about finding any companies for carpentry work, electrical connections and masonry works.


Before you install your aid, you should know that you can benefit from tax breaks for the purchase of domestic elevators.

If you are about to build your first home you can take advantage of 4% VAT. If you have difficulty walking, you can also get the 19% IRPEF deduction to be discounted in the billing year as long as you own:

  • certificate proving your disability or disability of the dependent;
  • physical physician's prescription issued by the Asl of membership that certifies the functional link between the disability of a motor nature and the product purchased.

On the other hand, if you need to install one of our elevators for the elderly and disabled during a renovation you can take advantage of the VAT facilitated to 4% plus the IRPEF deduction of 50% spread over 10 years by presenting to your municipality, through a design study, the application for action to bring down architectural barriers.

In addition to this you can get a refund on the total expenditure through state and regional funding by filling out an application form at your municipality before you start work.

Please call us on the toll-free number 800 598078 to learn more about our products and their facilities. In addition to the sale of elevators for the elderly, Mobility Care also sells servo ladders for the elderly, access ramps and stairlifts for the disabled.

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