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Facilitating daily actions, giving people more autonomy and comfort, is the main goal of Mobility Care, today made possible thanks to aids to be installed inside the home and in bathrooms for the elderly and disabled.
Thanks to the solutions provided by Mobility Care, people can return to feeling comfortable at home, having control of themselves and all that surrounds them, enjoying relaxation safely in bathrooms for the elderly and disabled.

With small details, such as ramps, seat risers, ergonomic seats, grab bars, non-slip surfaces and adequate sanitary fixtures, the bathroom can once again become a functional and welcoming environment for everyday life.

In the sector of baths for the elderly and disabled Mobility Care offers a range of comfortable and spacious showers, but also tubs with side opening doors to help those with mobility problems but also to facilitate the daily life of each person, making the bathroom more practical and accessible.

In addition to the bathrooms for the elderly and the disabled, there are also reclining chairs which, in addition to facilitating movements for those who need them most, are very appreciated by all members of the family: lying back and legs raised , allow you to relax and relax your muscles. A product that Mobility Care also offers through a practical rental service.

Rediscover the pleasure of mobility and well-being in bathrooms for the elderly and disabled with the range of Mobility Care products.

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