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The open-space lifts for the elderly and disabled marketed by Mobility Care are silent in their movements and are designed to make any type of vertical height difference accessible to people with major walking difficulties who use a wheelchair or simply to people who live on the first floor and they want to facilitate the movement of strollers or the daily transport of goods such as shopping.

Our open compartment elevators are characterized by the following product types:

The open-space mini-lifts make up for the mini-house functions for the home. The refined design and attention to detail allows our mini elevators to integrate perfectly with the prestigious living environment, enhancing the environment in which they are located both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. Our lifting platforms can be installed inside or outside public or private buildings and are built according to the Machinery Directive (Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and CEM Directive 2004/108 / EC) ensuring an easy overcoming of architectural barriers in compliance with the rules described by the DM 236/89.


As described above, there are four main types of open-space Mobility Care lifts and are useful for overcoming any height differences.

Qube Lift e Trevor Lift are two lifting platforms for the elderly and disabled, similar in terms of type of product as they have the same compartment with standard maximum dimensions of 150 x 112 cm and glass protection walls 1.10 m high. and move at a speed of 2 m. per minute. The substantial difference results in the movements since the first moves through a thrust generated below the platform by a hydraulic scissor system reaching a height of about 2 m. The second one moves along a rail at the side of the lifting platform through the thrust of a hydraulic piston that allows to reach a height of almost 3 m. Both solutions can be operated both on the machine and through the controls installed on the floors.

Il Banco Lift flag hoist allows to overcome vertical barriers up to 80 cm high at a speed of 1.5 m. per minute with a platform measuring 95 x 75 cm. It turns out to be very practical because at the end of use it can be closed on itself, taking up only 18.4 cm, thus allowing the passage to be left free.

If you need to pass three or four steps there Hide Lift movable hydraulic platform is the winning solution. The top is raised by approaching the edge of the top step so as to allow an easy and safe embarkation / disembarkation to the platform. In the initial position it disappears into the floor at the base of the staircase, eliminating any obstruction to leave the passage free. If covered with the same material as the adjacent floor, it is practically invisible to the eye, thus favoring installation in prestigious architectural complexes such as museums and ancient villas where aesthetic impact is fundamental. The controls are located on the machine.


Installation practices and the maintenance process of open-area lifts are not unlike those of other aids for the elderly, but with the support of Mobility Care everything will be easier.

Once you have chosen your ideal product according to your needs, you need to keep in mind what practices you need to be able to proceed with the installation and maintenance of open compartment lifts.

When you decide to install a fixed mini lift, you must first submit the appropriate activity start request (SCIA, DIA, CILA or CIL) to the Municipality where the property is located, which requires the intervention through a qualified professional such as a Surveyor, an Architect or an Engineer.

Once authorization has been obtained, Mobility Care can proceed with the installation of your domestic freight elevator. Once the installation of this aid for the elderly has been completed, you will have to notify the Municipality that you will be issued with an essential registration number for the registration of the mandatory six-month maintenance by our authorized company. For the processing of files you can choose to be assisted directly by Mobility Care in order to obtain the turnkey system without even moving from home.

The installation of one of our fixed open compartment platforms may require some masonry work such as the construction of a small pit where the self-supporting base of the machine resides. For the Qube Lift the pit can be deep from 21.5 cm to 25.5 cm, Hide Lift from 26.5 cm to 31 cm, while the Trevor Lift needs only 14 cm. The only self-lifting platform for the disabled that does not need a pit is the Banco Lift as the ascent in a wheelchair is made simple on the three access sides thanks to the presence of three adjustable flap ramps. Safeties are always present thanks to the installed sensors capable of interrupting travel in the presence of obstacles.

Where possible we recommend installing a home lift with an open compartment compared to a platform stairlift because it has the advantage of being slightly cheaper and is much more appreciable both from the functional point of view and from the architectural point of view as it is studied with finishes high quality level making it attractive in design so as to consider it a valuable element within the living context.

Mobility care also deals with the sale of stairlifts for the elderly, stair lifts, mini lifts and ramps for the disabled. Contact us for information on our products and to know the price for the elevator with open compartment ideal for your accessibility needs by calling us atgreen number 800 598078 . We remind you that you can take advantage of tax breaks for the purchase of our products and access one of our proposed loans to purchase your hydraulic or electric platform in convenient monthly installments.

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