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The Mobility product line includes staircases, stairlifts and platforms, able to satisfy all mobility and safety needs.

The armchair and platform staircases allow you to easily overcome the different types of differences in level, from the entrance steps to the multi-storey stairs of the buildings. They are suitable for straight, curved and spiral staircases. Armchair servos for the elderly and disabled are comfortable and functional.

The tracked and wheeled staircases are a practical solution that allows to climb stairs for those who move in a wheelchair in all those situations where there are no fixed structures to overcome architectural barriers. The wheelchair is hooked to the tracked stair lift and transported by it on the steps.

The open and closed-loop elevators are mini elevators designed to allow access to disabled people in wheelchairs, the elderly and people with reduced mobility. They can be installed at home or in buildings, indoors or outdoors.

Staircases, stairlifts and platforms are designed to integrate perfectly with existing environments, even in prestigious buildings and in particular situations subject to environmental constraints.

Search among the models of servos, stairlifts and platforms the one that suits you.

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