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Expected contributions for the Friuli Venezia Giulia

per la mobilità soluzioni e Servoscale Montascale improve the quality of life

Expected contributions for the Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli – Contributions for disabled people and associations

Contributions to disabled people for the removal of architectural barriers in private buildings.

Description of the intervention

It is not the first time that the European Parliament has been involved in this debate. 0271/Pres. 23 October 2012, in accordance with Article 16 of the Regional Act 25 September 1996, No. 41, the Regional Administration grants the municipalities of the region direct contributions to promote the elimination of architectural barriers in civilian dwellings where there are residents people with permanent disabilities or functional limitations, including cecition, i.e. those related to walking and mobilization.

People with permanent motor and sensory disabilities, who encounter obstacles, impediments or limitations to take advantage, under conditions of adequate security and autonomy, of the private building and its common parts in which they have or intend to bring their residence.

The work to overcome and break down the architectural barriers that affect existing buildings as of 11 August 1989 is eligible to be used to contribute and are aimed at ensuring, in relation to the actual needs arising from the pathology of the person with disabilities, the accessibility of the building and the real estate unit.
For buildings built or fully refurbished on the basis of a project authorised after 11 August 1989, only adaptability interventions under Article 2, paragraph 1, letter (i) of the Decree of the Minister of Public Works 14 June 1989, n. 236.
It is excluded that contributions are made for the construction of works already compulsory under the Act 9 January 1989, n. 13 and the decree of the Minister of Public Works 236/1989.

Eligible expenses
The costs of carrying out the interventions indicated in Article 5 of the Regulation are eligible to contribute. The eligible contribution expenditure cannot, in any case, exceed the maximum limit of 50,000.00 euros.

How to submit your application
The applications are submitted by the person with disabilities or by those who exercise responsibility, protection, care, or the administration of support and refer to the private dwelling and the common parts of the building in which they have, or intend to transfer, their residence (so not occasional or seasonal).

The application, drawn up according to model A and in accordance with stamp duty, is submitted, by December 31 of each year, to the municipality where the building or the single real estate unit subject to the intervention is located. The application is accompanied, subject to ineligibility, by the following documentation:
(a) description of the state of fact and the works to be carried out by quantifying the projected expenditure, drawn up and signed according to model B;
(b) a substitute declaration of the act of notoriety drafted under model C;
c) copy of disability certification and medical certificate;
d) the owner's permission to carry out the interventions, in the case of a rental property;
(c) condominium authorisation to carry out works if the interventions relate to non-removable works to be placed in the common parts of the building;
(f) consent of condominiums, if they participate in the division of the costs for the construction of works for condominium use;

If the removal or overcoming of architectural barriers is aimed at ensuring both the external and common accessibility of the building and the internal accessibility of the individual residential unit, a single request for a contribution should be made, accompanied by two reports quantifying expenditure.

If the interventions to eliminate or overcome architectural barriers consist of the construction of works of condominium use in a building in which they have residence or intend to bring residence, in separate real estate units, multiple people with disabilities, each of them can apply for contributions for the part of the expenditure of its competence.

Applicants can only carry out the requested interventions after the application has been submitted. No right can be asserted in the event of non-concession of the contribution due to insufficient funds or for the presentation of non-compliant documentation or for the implementation of interventions other than those indicated in the Regulation.

Ranking formation
The Regional Administration provides a general ranking of applications, based on the score from the disability class and the value of the equivalent economic situation indicator (ISEE). In the event of a ranking parity, the chronological order in which the application is submitted is taken into account. Contributions are allocated until the funds are exhausted, according to the order of the ranking that remains in force until December 31 of the year of its approval. Applications not funded due to under-funding remain valid for the following years.

Intensity and cumulative contribution
Contributions are determined on the basis of the amounts of expenses deemed eligible, net of any other contributions or tax benefits, provided for the elimination or overcoming of architectural barriers, the sum of which is not greater than the expenditure made, according to the following parameters:
(a) for budgeted amounts of up to 5,000.00 euros, the contribution is equal to the expenditure deemed eligible;
(b) for amounts budgeted from Euro 5,001.00 to Euro 10,000.00 the contribution referred to in letter a) increased by 30% of the eligible expenditure over 5,000 euros;
(c) for amounts budgeted from Euro 10,001.00 to Euro 20,000.00 the contribution referred to in letter b) increased by 20% the permissible expenditure share exceeding 10,000 euros;
(d) for amounts budgeted from Euro 20,001.00 to Euro 50,000.00 the contribution referred to in the letter c) increased by 5% of the eligible expenditure over 20,000 euros;

The amount of the grant granted may not exceed the sum of Eur 10,000.00 even in the case of the filing of an application concerning both the external accessibility and the common parts within the building and the internal accessibility of the individual residential unit for residential use


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