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Expected contributions for Piedmont

per la mobilità soluzioni e Servoscale Montascale improve the quality of life

Expected contributions for Piedmont


In January 1989, Law 13 was established, which provided for a fund to overcome and remove architectural barriers in private buildings. In June of that year, the Ministry of Public Works issued The No. 236 in which it specified the necessary technical requirements and the explanatory circular No. 1669/U.L.


for the elimination of architectural barriers in private buildings are at a loss and are granted to private citizens, residents of Piedmont. The works to be carried out must remove obstacles to the mobility of the disabled (there are no plans for building renovations and the construction of new environments).


People with disabilities and people who are dependent on the disabled.

Type of financial interventions

(a) access to the property or individual property unit and/or b) the usability and visibility of the accommodation.

Criteria and methods for assigning regional contributions

For removal and overcoming of architectural barriers have been established have been established with the Dgr No. February 2009.


The contribution, in capital, is made to the municipalities on the basis of the GRADUATORIA (the second partial modification of the final ranking of 2010 was published) prepared by the Piedmont Region. (see also under Rankings)


The application for a grant can be submitted on any day of the year. The application must be submitted to the municipality of residence and location of the property subject to the intervention(s), with attacheddocumentation.

The municipalities, checked the eligibility of applications, transmit by 31 March the municipal requirement to the Regional Sector Implementation of Social Housing Interventions.

It is known that for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014, the procedure for formulating the regional ranking under Law No. 13/1989

Municipalities must inform the questions received and send their needs to the Piedmont region ONLY following the future communication of the same.



Social Construction Sector
Via Lagrange, 24 – 10123 Turin – tel 011/4321454.

Official responsible for fund management and allocation procedures:
Rag. Antonella Longo

For more info go to the site of the Piedmont region

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