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Expected contributions for Trentino South Tyrol

per la mobilità soluzioni e Servoscale Montascale improve the quality of life

Expected contributions for Trentino South Tyrol

Trentino – Contributions for interventions for people with disabilities

The Province, with the fund for interventions for people with disabilities, grants architectural barriers reduction contributions to support projects developed at the local level, as well as to implement specific individual interventions, aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities, with precedence for those who are in a serious situation, and who could not otherwise be realized.

The Province, in particular, supports the following types of projects:

(a) innovative initiatives, presented by the subjects referred to in the letters b) and c), which aim to achieve significant results in the field of removing obstacles that prevent genuine social integration of people with disabilities from taking place, as well as improving the quality of services;

(b) project activities submitted by management bodies under Article 10 of provincial law No. 14 of 1991, by municipalities, individuals or associates, or associations operating in the context of disability referred to in this letter, aimed at removing communication barriers for people with visual impairment, hearing or language and communication problems;

(c) activities involving multiple associations or cooperatives of the private social sector that work for the handicap, including therapy and rehabilitation for people with disabilities, in consultation with the representatives of the local authorities involved in the project.

The Province also supports the following individual interventions:

(a) contributions to the removal of architectural barriers through interventions for the granting of prosthetic, headteachers and aids – not necessarily health- care – not provided for or attributable to the regulations bearing the rules and nomenclators for prosthetic care or the directives of the Provincial Council to the Provincial Company for health services for the provision of additional services, if the characteristics of necessity, exceptionality and novelty of the services required are met;

(b) supplementary interventions of benefits already in place for people with disabilities of particular severity, aimed at implementing personalised plans for independent living;

(c) interventions, even financial in nature, for people with disabilities, which are not covered by other rules, however not alternative to the interventions already envisaged that combine user satisfaction with an effective saving of expenditure.

The granting of architectural barriers reduction contributions is made on the advice of the Inter-Institutional Coordination for the Protection of People with Disabilities.

The Provincial Council identifies by its own deliberation subjects, criteria, terms and methods for granting contributions and verifying their use.

How to access
In order to access the contributions, you must apply to the Inter-Institutional Coordination for the Protection of People with Disabilities.

How much is it:
The service is free.

Type of contribution
The terms and methods for granting contributions are identified by deliberation by the Provincial Council.

Who can I contact?Visit the Trentino Region website for more information…

Provincial Company for Sanitari_accertamento Disability Services

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