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Expected contributions for Veneto

per la mobilità soluzioni e Servoscale Montascale improve the quality of life

Expected contributions for Veneto

Veneto Region – Contributions elimination of architectural barriers (L.R. 16/2007)

Communicated to the municipalities referred to the D.G.R. # 2904 of 30 November 2010 – 2010

The percentage to be applied to the needs of each applicant citizen is 33.262% (note prot. # 87902 of 22 February 2011 Directorate of Social Services Veneto Region). The contribution relates to 2010 requirements (questions until 4 July 2010). Info: 041/2791465

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Has Regional Law 16 been suspended for the year 2014?
    No, the Regional Law is always in force and is activated, from time to time, with the opening of a dedicated call. Normally with annual periodicity. From an economic point of view, however, the regional budget chapters responsible for the matter (until now) do not have necessary funding. When it was possible to settle only applications submitted until 04.07.2010.
  2. Even if the call has not come out, do I still have to ship the requirements to the Veneto region?
    No, the filling in, shipping and the consequent implementation of the municipal requirements is consequential when the call is issued.
  3. Is there a timeline for citizens to apply to the city?
    No, all the institutions set up receive the applications of the citizens, if deemed to be appropriate, they must be accepted. This is because citizens, in turn, have an obligation to apply before work begins. This situation is clearly foreseen in paragraphs 3 and 4 of Article 4 of Annex A of Dgr No. August 8, 2008.
  4. Because sometimes the amount paid out to the municipalities is different from the amount indicated in the D.G.R. annex. year of reference?
    It could be found that there are residues from previous years in the municipal coffers that were communicated and taken into account in the allocation of the 2010 contribution. In this case, the new contribution will have to be added with the residual percentages with the percentage of the reference call. Or that, depending on the provision of the same law, certain contributions were not successful.
  5. Is there a model for reporting?
    Yes, it is present on the aforementioned site all the material useful for all the issues related to the breaking down of architectural barriers, the excel model to report to the writer Management the remaining sums firm in the Municipality and useful for future liquidations. These settlements should only be communicated to the same management once (i.e. never repeat the figures already reported).

What is it and what are the benefits?

The Region promotes initiatives and interventions to ensure the usability of public, private and open spaces to the public by people with disabilities also through financial interventions (L.R. 16/2007).

Who are the beneficiaries?

  1. private individuals who own open spaces or buildings, including businesses;
  2. people with disabilities, or those who have dependent on them.
  3. public bodies (see pages within public works);
  4. local public transport companies (see pages within public works).

How to obtain the facilitation or what is the process for submitting the application?

  • Contributions may be required, in case 1) and 2) for the following works (according to L.R. 16/2007): Wall works directly aimed at the usability of buildings and private spaces open to the public (art. 12);
  • Wall works directly aimed at the usability of private buildings, including buildings used as a workplace and buildings of subsidized housing (art. 13);
  • wall works directly aimed at the usability of the workplace occupied in a stable manner by a person with disabilities (art. 13);
  • for the purchase and installation of relationship life facilitators such as furnishings, equipment and furnishings that allow the person with disabilities to practice daily functions, including devices to promote access and internal mobility to buildings (domicile or workplace), such as stairwells, moving platforms, elevators and the like (art. 14)
  • adapting motor vehicles and motor vehicles according to the anatomical and functional impairs of the disabled person (art. 16).

The application, in accordance with stamp duty, must be handed over to the municipality where the property is located (or residence in the case of art. 16 of LR 16/07). Applications, for all legal articles, must be submitted BEFORE the start of work or the purchase of facilitators.



Application for cont[file PDF, 143 Kb]ribution model reporting law 16 – breaking down architectural barriers[File Excel, 36 Kb]

State Contributions (Law 13/1989)

The State provides for specific contributions for the removal of architectural barriers, applications submitted under Law 13/89 retain different procedures and therefore the citizen concerned will have to submit to the municipality two separate applications taking care to attach to applications for law 13/89 the documentation prescribed by the Ministerial Circular (22 June 1989 n. 1669/UL ordinary supplement to the G.U. # 145 of 23.06.1989 No. 47). The instruction of the two questions develops in a separate way by reserving the checks on the accumulation of contributions at the time of the actual allocations.

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