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The Elf line includes a range of elevator elevators for transporting people and things designed and built in accordance with the requirements of law 13/89. They allow people in wheelchairs or with reduced motor skills who would not be able to climb the steps themselves to overcome architectural barriers.

The Elf elevator elevators are very well cared for in the design and finishes and are able to fit harmoniously into the different environments. They can be installed in private homes, buildings with multiple apartments, offices, commercial activities and public places. It is also possible to place the elevator elevators both inside and outside.

One of the features of the Elf elevator elevators is the little space required for the pit. Just 13 cm is enough. As for the range you can choose from different models of 300, 400, 500 and 750 kg.

Elf elevators may be without cabin doors, with 2- or 3-door bellows, as required by the 2006/42/CE Machine Directive. When the cabin doors are closed the manoeuvre on the floors is automatic. When the doors are not there or are open the manoeuvre is to the man present, pressing the button for the entire durat

ion of the ride. The Happy Lift box is made exclusively of aluminium. In this way it is possible to avoid wear that would occur with less valuable materials. The lifts for the disabled and elderly have a very modern design, minimalist and cared for in detail. There are no exposed screws. The wiring is retractable in the structure. You can also choose whether to have the buffer wire inside or outside t

he compartment.

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