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Mobility Care is a nationally consolidated company and is leader in sales , design , installation and Maintenance of elevators for the elderly and the disabled , hoists , home elevators , mini domestic elevators </ strong >. The Mobility Care platforms are designed to solve any accessibility problem inside and outside of public and private buildings allowing the overcoming of architectural barriers in compliance with the design requirements of Law 13/1989 and DM June 14, 1989, n. 236.




Our decades of experience in the elevator sector has seen us face and overcome important challenges by finding suitable solutions for all residential and commercial contexts in order to facilitate the access to the floors of people and goods. Our wide range of lifting platforms, including lifts for the elderly, are tailor-made allowing us to satisfy any type of use, capacity and size required by our customers.

We are able to provide you with any lifting system such as:

The Mobility Care hydraulic lifting platforms are all made in compliance with the European Directives and are CE marked as well as comply with the construction standards according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and the C.E.M. 2004/108 / EC.


The closed shaft elevators for sale at Mobility Care are designed for overcoming vertical architectural barriers inside or outside public and private buildings. Our home mini lifts for the home consist of a hydraulic lifting platform that is moved by a pantograph system placed under the platform or by a piston system that follows a rail placed on the side of the cabin. With this type of senior lifts you will not need a machine room and you will be able to climb up to five floors in height at a speed of 0.15 m / s (meters per second).

The Mobility Care product range includes mini lifts for the elderly and disabled with different platform sizes, types of capacity and with the possibility of obtaining low-consumption electric movement through the installation of a gearless motor in the upper part of the compartment.

Our closed compartment elevators are designed to be installed inside a masonry compartment or inside a compartment made with a metal frame. You can customize your lift by choosing from the different types of flooring, the interior color of the cabin and the choice between glass and stainless steel panels, thus obtaining a valuable element both from an architectural and functional point of view, enhancing the environment in which it is installed.

Read our guide on how to choose your ideal lift </ a >.


Mobility Care’s open shaft lifts for the elderly are a practical solution for overcoming architectural barriers and in some cases are economically very convenient enough to prefer them, where possible, to the installation of a platform stairlift . These micro lifts allow you to easily overcome vertical barriers and their hydraulic movement, very similar to that of closed shaft lifts, allows you to reach and overcome differences in height up to about 3 m.

For their installation they do not require a machine room, inspection pit, upper head and do not affect the structural part of the building as they are self-supporting lifting platforms.

The sale of lifts for the elderly is one of the preeminent sectors of the Mobility Care business. Our Mobility Care mini open compartment elevators are designed and built to be installed both inside and outside buildings and require no special maintenance work other than the ordinary six-monthly one. For overcoming differences in height up to 80 cm, the ideal and cheapest solution is the installation of an electric jib lift . Instead, to overcome three or four steps, you might consider installing our mini hydraulic movable lift which, during its use, approaches the tread of the highest step allowing the easy boarding / disembarking of the wheelchair and once after its use it disappears at the base of the flooring.


Iveco , Ferrari , Agusta , Finmeccanica are just some of the companies with which Mobility Care collaborated for the installation and maintenance of industrial freight elevators.

We provide our know-how and are able to meet any of your capacity requirements, platform sizes and intended uses, such as transport of goods and people, thanks to our custom made elevators. We will provide you with an excellent solution from all points of view.

We follow our customers from the design to the realization of the product with the subsequent installation by our qualified technicians.

Rely on Mobility Care for the purchase and maintenance of your industrial lifting platform. We will be able to simplify and speed up your company’s business.



The installation of fixed elevators requires authorization from the Municipality to which they belong. Mobility Care, in addition to dealing with the sale of elevators for the elderly, is able to provide you with all the information on the documentation necessary to start the work, information on tax breaks and financing to buy your elevator platform in convenient installments. The Application for Start of Business (it could be a SCIA, DIA, CILA or CIL according to municipal ordinances) must be submitted by a qualified technician such as a surveyor, engineer or architect. Only after receiving the positive opinion can we proceed with the installation of your ideal lift. Once the latter has been completed, in order to put the system into operation you will need to notify the Municipal Office via the appropriate form, which will issue you a serial number. This identifier is necessary to recognize your product during the registration of the mandatory half-yearly routine maintenance by our authorized company. According to the D.P.R. 162/99 closed lifts that exceed 3 m. of difference in altitude must be subjected to suitability checks by an authorized body every two years. This body must be chosen by the owner of the plant and must also be communicated to its Municipality.

The Mobility Care commercial department does not only deal with the sale of elevators for the elderly and disabled, but is able to help you in handling the paperwork necessary to obtain the necessary authorizations for the installation of your elevator, as well as follow you in all the necessary works to have your turnkey system without worrying about finding any companies for carpentry work, electrical connections and masonry works.


Before proceeding with the installation of your device, you must know that you can benefit from tax breaks for the purchase of domestic elevators.

If you are about to build your first home, you can take advantage of 4% VAT. In case of walking difficulties, you can also get the 19% personal income tax deduction to be discounted in the year of invoicing as long as you have:

  • certificate attesting to your invalidity or the invalidity of the dependent person;
  • prescription from the physiatrist issued by the local health authority which certifies the functional link between the motor disability and the purchased product.

On the other hand, if you need to install one of our elevators for the elderly and disabled during a renovation, you can take advantage of the 4% reduced VAT plus the 50% personal income tax deduction spread over 10 years by submitting to your Municipality, through a design studio, the application for intervention. for the removal of architectural barriers.

In addition to this, you will be able to obtain a refund on the total expenditure through state and regional funding by filling out an application form at your home town before starting the work.

Do not hesitate to call us at the toll-free number 800 598078 to obtain further information on our products and related benefits. We remind you that Mobility Care, in addition to the sale of elevators for the elderly, also deals with the sale of stairlifts for the elderly, access ramps and stairlifts for the disabled.