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per la mobilità soluzioni e Servoscale Montascale improve the quality of life

Sale of Servoscala and Installation of Mountscales for Elders

Mobility Care

Francis Noal

Mobility Care offers practical and intelligent solutions that improve the quality of life, helping and accompanying people in performing even the smallest daily gestures.

There are no age limits, no pathologies or usage, but only different needs and Mobility Care can meet the needs of everyone, from the mother with the stroller to the elderly with the expense. This is because motor or load difficulties can really affect anyone, regardless of the circumstances and events that affect an individual's existence.

Mobility Care transforms every space into an environment that is not only accessible, but also perfectly accessible thanks to the implementation of customized projects to serve people with disabilities, the elderly and more generally anyone who needs a little support in dealing with everyday life.

Mobility Care can connect all sorts of elevation, from a few centimeters to entire buildings, breaking down all the architectural barriers present inside the buildings but also in the outdoor areas, so that every person can finally feel safe and autonomous in living their daily life.

Each place is reachable, but the route is essential:
Let Mobility Care accompany you!ceo &a

mp; founder

"I like to remember that Mobility Care was born thanks to my maternal grandfather, when as the years progressed he began to experience reduced mobility, but it is even more curious that my twenty years of experience in this area began precisely in the company that proposed the installation of a servo scale.

During my business trips abroad I came into contact with many companies specialized in the field of mobility, while in Italy – at that time – it was almost unknown. So I started that journey that transformed a personal need in the family business, involving and motivating my four brothers as well.

Our different training – ranging from industrial systems, carpentry, social assistance – has contributed significantly to the growth of Mobility Care and to develop the know-how that today identifies it as one of the leading companies in Italy in the field of mobility and the breaking down of architectural barriers, with over 5000 installations built in the last 10 years and the opening of three locations equipped with showrooms.

The team has also grown and been enriched with new professionals, but the spirit has always remained the same: that of a family that helps other families".


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