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How to choose a wheeled stairlift

How to choose a wheeled stairlift

Trust Mobility Care to get all the information on how to choose the best wheeled stairlift. With its decades of experience in the sale of stairlifts and with the help of technicians and qualified personnel for the instruction to use the aid, you will no longer have accessibility problems inside and outside the home.

Our stairlifts are medical devices that can help you walk the stairs effortlessly, with the help of an assistant, simply by sitting in the comfortable ergonomic chair or hooking to the aid directly from your wheelchair that you use for everyday travel. He is considered the brother of the crawler stairlift, but the different and compact handling system allows it to be used even on particularly narrow or spiral staircases.


Comprendere il funzionamento di un montascale a ruote è fondamentale per una scelta ottimale del prodotto. Nel caso del dispositivo con poltroncina, potrai accomodarti sulla seduta per poi essere messo in condizioni di sicurezza utilizzando l’apposita cintura in modo da poter procedere successivamente con l’utilizzo del dispositivo.

Se optassi per scegliere un montascale a ruote predisposto con sistema di aggancio per carrozzina, è necessario procedere in modo molto simile a quello del montascale a cingoli con la differenza che questo ausilio per anziani e disabili non necessita dell’inserimento di un corpo macchina sotto la seduta. Due rampe laterali ti permetteranno di salire le scale con la tua sedia a rotelle che sarà agganciata e stabilizzata attraverso l’utilizzo di un braccio telescopico, configurabile in altezza e larghezza per adattarsi al meglio al tuo schienale, montato al timone del saliscale elettrico. Anche in questo caso verrai messo in condizione di sicurezza allacciando le apposite cinture per poi essere avvicinato in modo piuttosto agevole a ridosso della scala da superare. Per poter procedere con la salita o la discesa delle scale, l’assistente dovrà tenere sempre in equilibrio il montascale a ruote e contemporaneamente agire su uno dei pulsanti presenti nel manubrio ergonomico dell’ausilio. La velocità è regolabile e, una volta raggiunta una certa dimestichezza con l’utilizzo del saliscale, potrai passare dalla modalità di moto a gradino singolo alla modalità di moto continuo per velocizzare i tuoi spostamenti.

Per poter funzionare il montascale a ruote è dotato di un punzone che con movimento elicoidale solleva il montascale da un gradino all’altro in modo ciclico. Naturalmente un sensore interrompe il ciclo se non rileva una posizione idonea del sistema.

Nello scegliere un montascale a ruote devi considerare che l’utilizzo di tale dispositivo non è complicato, ma rispetto agli altri prodotti per il superamento delle barriere architettoniche necessita di qualche minuto in più di apprendimento per riuscire a prendere confidenza con il funzionamento del prodotto. Dopo qualche ciclo di prova l’operazione si fa in automatico senza troppi pensieri.

Il saliscale elettrico a cingoli è tuttavia un sistema sicuro e discretamente pratico, però è utilizzabile solo da persone robuste, con buona prontezza di riflessi e che hanno effettuato la formazione.


The Mobility Care wheeled stair lift is suitable for overcoming any type of staircase, even spiral ones, supporting most of the wheelchairs on the market. For its use you will have to check that the steps do not exceed 25 cm in height. This device is suitable both where the crawler stairlift cannot work, and in those situations where the elderly person intends to use it on multiple scales with different maneuver settings.

The wheeled stairlift can carry almost all types of wheelchairs, including those that are ultra-light or with small wheels. In some particular models such as the rocker ones, the possibility of hooking to the aid directly by our specialized staff must be checked.


Among the most interesting features of the wheeled stairlift are the high autonomy and ease of transport, very important factors to be taken into consideration because they allow you to access the premises without problems wherever you are. The battery supplied will allow you to climb at least 4 – 5 floors of the condominium several times. In any case, when you decide to choose your best wheeled stairlift, you must keep in mind that our products are equipped with an accessorised control panel capable of signaling the battery reserve status with a gradual pilot light. In this case it is advisable to proceed with the recharge as soon as possible, even if the security system will still guarantee you autonomy to overcome 4 – 5 floors. Thanks to the electronic display, staying dry is almost impossible.

Another important feature to consider, when you have to choose your best wheeled stairlift, is the ease of disassembly and transport. The Mobility Care wheeled stairlifts can be divided into two pieces to take up little space and thus be stored inside a hallway or positioned in the trunk of the car for use outside the home. This model is even more compact than the caterpillar model and moving it is even easier.


Attention to our customers takes the form of a series of initiatives aimed at making the purchase less expensive: contact us for prices and tax breaks for wheeled stairlifts.

Mobility Care also offers attractive rental solutions. In our showrooms we always have a device ready for delivery, but otherwise the wheeled stairlift is available in about a week. Prices generally vary from € 2,000.00 + VAT for classic systems used to € 3,500.00 + VAT for more sophisticated systems. Generally, for this model the used is practically impossible to find.

By purchasing a Mobility Care product suitable for overcoming architectural barriers you will be able to benefit from 4% instead of 22% VAT and you will also be able to take advantage of the IRPEF deduction of 19% as the stairlift is considered a medical device. Mobility Care is also available to evaluate deferred payments with loans of up to 48 months.

The solution of the rental with home delivery and instructions must instead be requested by promptly contacting our sales office because the availability of this model is rather limited.


After helping you choose your wheeled stairlift, Mobility Care will also take care of home delivery and follow you in future maintenance. No installation is necessary, however it is essential that one of our qualified technicians carry out an inspection at your home or where you intend to use the stairlift to be able to check:

the suitability of the staircase (slope, type, wear of the steps and maneuvering spaces on the landings;
the suitability of the wheelchair to be transported;
the suitability of the person in charge of the use.

Only if all three of the conditions indicated are favorable will Mobility Care deliver the wheeled stairlift providing precise training for use with a practical test and with the issue of a delivery report and suitability. Otherwise we will evaluate other compatible solutions that our company certainly has.

Once you understand how to choose the best wheeled stairlift you must also keep in mind that like any device for the elderly, routine maintenance is important, but there is no precise deadline and a lot also depends on the type of use.

Instead, keep the state of wear of the battery under control, especially when using the aid little. Like all battery-powered devices, it is important from time to time to check the charge status and to recharge it occasionally in case of non-use. In addition, the battery tends to have a degradation curve over time with a consequent progressive reduction in overall autonomy. If the difference in altitude to be overcome is not much, even a battery with a few years of use will be sufficiently reliable.

For those who have to overcome several plans, it is convenient every 2 – 3 years to proceed with the preventive replacement. However, batteries have a rather low cost.

In addition to wheeled stairlifts Mobility Care provides a 360 ° mobility service also dealing with the sale of stairlift for the elderly, sale of crawler stairlifts, sale of home lifts for the elderly and sale of ramps for the disabled. We are able to meet all your accessibility needs as well as making your rooms comfortable and comfortable with the integration of aids and furnishings designed for all those with walking difficulties. Contact our sales office on the toll-free number 800 598078 to obtain information about our products or schedule a free inspection by one of our technicians directly to your home.

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