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To choose the best tracked stairlift you can rely on our company made up of a team of trained people able to recommend the ideal product so that you can reach your environments with maximum safety and comfort.

First of all you must know that the tracked stairlift is a mobile device, consisting of an iron structure and a rudder, able to move on a straight flight of stairs through the movement of two rubber tracks placed on the sides of the machine body.

The aid allows a person sitting in a wheelchair to easily overcome one or more flights of stairs from one floor to another.

To do this, you will need to hook your wheelchair to the stair climber with the help of an assistant. This is a simple, but crucial operation to which attention must be paid and for which it is necessary to do some practice. You will need to place the device under the wheelchair (between the two wheels) from the rear. The drawbar must then be released and brought closer to the backrest of the person being transported. With a few simple steps, the stairlift is attached to the wheelchair and the maneuver is completed by fastening the seat belt. At this point the most is done. Just straighten the rudder and lock it in the maneuvering position. In this phase, the person being transported remains inclined backwards until the climb begins.

The stairlift can be moved by the electric motor, using the buttons located in the control panel in the center of the ergonomic handlebar, or moved manually by leveraging the special movement wheels which also serve to facilitate maneuvering in the narrowest spaces of the intermediate landings.

The motor has a system that allows smooth starts and stops, that is, it picks up speed gradually and stops in the same way with the result of making the user’s movement as delicate as possible.

The tracked stairlift, in case of prolonged inactivity, can be easily disassembled into two pieces to take up little space and thus be stored in a closet or loaded into the car for use outside the home.


Including the technical and use features, we can tackle the final part of our guide on how to choose your best tracked stairlift by showing you our advantageous prices for purchasing a new or used product, evaluating the rental and delivery times.

Mobility Care generally always has an electric tracked stair climber ready for delivery , but otherwise, due to lack of stock, you will have your product in about a week. The prices of a tracked stairlift generally range from € 2,400.00 + VAT for the basic models commonly used up to € 3,500.00 + VAT for the more sophisticated systems able to run in particularly small spaces or with greater capacity.

Mobility Care also deals with the sale of used crawler stairlifts at advantageous prices . They are zero km products that we use for demonstration purposes or we have remanufactured products that we withdraw from the market from our customers who no longer use it or who change it with other lifting systems.

For the purchase of our aids for overcoming architectural barriers, tax breaks are provided; you will be entitled to reduced VAT at 4% and you can also take advantage of the 19% personal income tax deduction as our tracked stairlifts are medical devices. Mobility Care is available to evaluate installment payments up to 48 months by signing one of our loans.

In the case of rental, however, we recommend that you contact our sales department at the toll-free number 800 598078 to evaluate availability in the showroom and schedule an appointment with a free trial of the device at one of our stores. Alternatively you can try the stairlift for free directly to your home with home delivery and instructions.


Once you understand how to choose the best tracked stairlift, all you have to do is deepen the latest aspects on delivery and maintenance.

To start using your electric tracked stair climber, no installation work is necessary, but it is essential that one of our qualified technicians carry out an inspection to:

  • evaluate if the staircase is suitable for the use of the stairlift by considering the correct slope, type, state of wear of the steps and maneuvering spaces on the landings. It is suitable for any type of straight staircase with normal slope (generally within 35 °) and minimum width for the passage of a wheelchair (at least 70 cm). The system is however equipped with an inclinometer and the assistant can easily check in the control panel whether the ladder is suitable for using the aid in ideal safety conditions. The landing landings or intermediate ones, on the other hand, must usually have measurements of about 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm, even if there are more sophisticated systems capable of handling in even smaller spaces;
  • check if the person in charge of the maneuver is suitable for using the product. In fact, when you have to find out about how to choose your tracked stairlift you will have to take into account that the person who uses it has the responsibility of having to manage an emergency situation and with the necessary information must be able to transport the patient by handling him safely. For this reason, particularly elderly people, children or people with motor or cognitive difficulties are not suitable to use the device;
  • check the wheelchair’s suitability for transport by the stair climber. The stairlift can hook almost all types of wheelchairs except some types of tippers or other particular types that must be checked more precisely. The tracked stairlift, among its accessories, however includes special ramps that can also carry ultra-light chairs or chairs with small wheels.

Dopo qualche ciclo di prova l’operazione si fa in automatico senza troppi pensieri.

Il saliscale elettrico a cingoli è tuttavia un sistema sicuro e discretamente pratico, però è utilizzabile solo da persone robuste, con buona prontezza di riflessi e che hanno effettuato la formazione.

Once the three conditions have been verified, our agent will deliver the tracked stairlift to you, providing the necessary training to the assistant with a practical test and release of the delivery and suitability report. Otherwise, we proceed to evaluate alternative solutions to make your premises accessible.

Now that you know how to choose the best tracked stairlift, you must also know that our products do not require routine maintenance as this depends a lot on the use of the product. Over time, however, it is good to keep track of wear on the tracks and the battery under control. The former generally have a very long life and are usually replaced after several years. Just notice the loss of adhesion to the step during walking movements. By replacing them you will restore the grip and you will return to having a high level of performance and safety.

As far as the battery is concerned, you will have to keep the charge level under control in the indicator and to connect the stair climber, through the appropriate transformer, to the mains electricity in case of reserve it is still the autonomy to overcome 4 – 5 floors) and also in case of prolonged inactivity. With the battery in good condition the stairlift is able to climb at least 4 – 5 floors of an apartment building several times.
As with all rechargeable batteries, even that of the stairlift tends to decrease in performance over the years. If the level to overcome is not much you can use it for some time,

but if you have to carry out several flights of stairs a day we recommend replacing the battery in advance every two – three years also considering the low costs for this operation. In case you find yourself on the way with a flat battery or a fault, an emergency key is available as standard which allows you to end the path to the nearest landing in manual mode.

Mobility Care makes its core business the sale of stairlifts for the elderly and over the years has consolidated a strong experience in the analysis and choice of the most appropriate product to help you overcome any type of architectural barrier. For more information on how to choose a tracked stairlift or if you wish to book a free visit from a Mobility Care consultant to try one of our stairlifts, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by emailing us at info@mobilitycare.it .

After a few test cycles, the operation is done automatically without too many thoughts.

The electric tracked stair climber is however a safe and fairly practical system, but it can only be used by robust people, with good reflexes and who have completed training.