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how to choose your ideal mini-lift.


If you're wondering how to choose your ideal mini-lift know that Mobility Care thanks to its ten-year experience can provide you with all the directions you need to get the best product that suits your needs.

If you are thinking of building or buying a house, we recommend that you consider some key aspects that the majority of our customers do not consider and then regret it in the future.

Over the years, motor difficulties can arise that make it difficult if not impossible for even small movements between the floors of the same house. These are assessments that are not always done as we normally think of the present and do not assess the degree of accessibility to the property.
We always recommend that you take this into account and reserve a space dedicated to the installation of an elevator platform, also called mini elevator for the functional resemblance to a real elevator, so as to avoid in old age high costs for heavy masonry works. Our closed-space elevators are essential for moving a disabled person in a wheelchair or making it easier for an elderly person with walking difficulties to get through the stairs. As they are aided by lifting any weight, these devices are supportive to the whole family: for moving the baby's stroller or that of daily shopping from one floor to another. All facilities that allow you not to physically burden the people who live in those domestic spaces. Another important factor while you are considering how to choose your ideal mini-lift is that the installation of a Mobility Care home elevator, enriched in the design by a wide choice of colors and coating types, allows you to enhance from the point of view of architectural view of the environment around it. In addition to re-evaluating the property itself in the event of a future sale, our closed-range elevator products improve people's quality of life regardless of whether they have motor disabilities.


Including the technical and usage features we can address the final part of our guide on how to choose your best cleare shale mountain by illustrating our advantageous prices for buying a new or used product, assessing its rental and delivery times.

Mobility Care generally always has an electric tracks ssalis ready to be delivered, but otherwise for lack of stock you'll have your product in about a week. Prices for a tracks stairwell generally range from 2,400.00 euros VAT for basic models commonly used up to 3,500.00 euros VAT for more sophisticated systems capable of turning in particularly small or higher-range spaces.

Mobility Care also sells used-going tracks at attractive prices. They are zero Km products that we use for demonstration purposes or we have regenerated products that we withdraw from the market from our customers who no longer use it or that change it with other lifting systems.

Tax breaks are provided for the purchase of our architectural barriers; you will be entitled to 4% VAT and you will also be able to take advantage of the 19% IRPEF deduction as our tracks are medical devices. Mobility Care is available to evaluate installment payments for up to 48 months by subscribing to one of our funding.

In case of rental, however, we recommend that you contact our commercial office at the toll-free number 800 598078 to assess its availability in the showroom and schedule a free trial appointment of the device at one of our stores. Alternatively, you can try the stairwell for free at your home with delivery and home instructions.


Once you understand how to choose the best upscale tracks, all you have to do is delve into the latest aspects of delivery and maintenance.

No installation work is required to start using your electric tracks salis, but it is essential that one of our enabled technicians perform a survey to:

  • assess whether the ladder is suitable for the use of the stairlift considering the correct slope, type, state of wear of the steps and maneuvering spaces in the landings. It is suitable for any type of straight scale with normal slope (generally within 35 degrees) and minimum width for the passage of a wheelchair (at least 70 cm). However, the system is equipped with an inclinometer and the assistant can easily check in the control panel if the scale is suitable to use the aid in the ideal safety conditions. Arrival landings or intermediate landings, on the other hand, must usually have measurements of about 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm, although there are more sophisticated systems capable of moving in even smaller spaces;
  • whether the person in charge of the manoeuvre is fit to use the product. In fact, when you need to know how to choose your cleaver mount you will have to take into account that the person using it has the responsibility of having to manage an emergency situation and with the necessary information must be able to carry the patient by handling it safely. For this reason particularly elderly people, children or people with motor or cognitive difficulties are not eligible to use the device;
  • check the suitability of the wheelchair for transport by the stair salt. The stairwell can hook almost all types of wheelchairs except for certain types of tilts or other particular types that need to be checked more precisely. The tracks toplifter between its accessories still includes special ramps that can also carry ultralight chairs or chairs with small wheels.

Check the three conditions our agent will hand you the ladder to tracks providing the necessary training to the assistant with a practical test and release of the delivery report and suitability. Otherwise you will evaluate alternative solutions to make your premises accessible.

Now that you know how to choose the best tracks, you also need to know that our products do not need routine maintenance as this depends a lot on the use of the product. Over time, however, it is good to keep an eye on the wear status of the tracks and the battery. The former usually have a very high lifespan and are normally replaced after several years. Just notice the loss of grip to the step during the marching movements. Replacing them will restore grip and return to a high level of performance and safety.

As for the battery you will need to keep the level of charge under control in the indicator and connect the salseat, through the appropriate transformer, to the electrical grid in case of reserve (when turning on the light it is advisable to put it under charge even if there is still the autonomy to exceed 4 – 5 floors) and even in case of prolonged use. With the battery in good condition the stairwell is able to climb at least 4 – 5 floors of an apartment building several times. As with all rechargeable batteries, the stair well-up batteries over the years tend to decrease performance. If the level to be exceeded is not much you can use it for some time, but if you need to make multiple flights of stairs per day we recommend to pre-replace the battery every two – three years considering also the low costs for such an operation. In case you are on the way with the battery low or with a fault, there is, standard, an emergency key that allows you to end the route to the nearest landing in manual mode. Mobility Care makes its

core business the sale of servo scale for the elderly and over the years has consolidated a strong experience on the analysis and the choice of the most suitable product to help you overcome any kind of architectural barrier. For more information on how to choose a cinline stairwell or if you would like to book a free visit to a Mobility Care consultant to try one of our stairwells, please contact us by phone or email us to .

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