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Industrial lifts


Mobility Care has decades of experience in the design, sale and installation of industrial lifts suitable for freight transport with man or not present inside the compartment. Our products are innovative, reliable and high quality standard able to integrate aesthetically with any environment thanks to the ability to choose between the different types of materials and colors of your ideal lift.






Trust Mobility Care to make your business or business more productive by installing one of our lifts.

Attention to detail, processing, attention to functionality and customizations are features that put in place our specialized technicians during interventions with our customers. Finmeccanica, Ferrari, Agusta and Iveco are just a few of the Mobility Care customer companies where we have installed our industrial platforms and where we continue with periodic maintenance programs.

The lifts are defined as motor devices with a load range of no less than 25 kg that allow to lift goods or people from one floor to another through a cabin that moves along rigid rails, as defined in DPR 162/99 and subsequent Directive 2006/42/CE . If used as a person transport, the controls must also be present on board in vain in addition to the floors.

At the regulatory level, they are not subject to the rules to which the elevators are subjected, but to the specific provisions outlined in the Machines Directive and therefore meet the safety requirements described within it as well as possessing the CE marking, compliance declaration and the use and maintenance booklet. Compared to common elevators they are also exempt from examinations and testing.

In case your lift reaches the height of 2 m or more must have an operating license as well as be subject to maintenance and mandatory six-monthly and biennial checks by a certified company.

Lifts, mobile elevators, lift platforms are just some of the terminology with which the same product used to transport goods with more or less relevant flow rates is indicated. In addition to the sale of industrial lifts, Mobility Care's products also include the lifts, lifts and trucks used by hotels, bed and breakfasts and offices.

All industrial elevators marketed by Mobility Care can also be inserted in small spaces thanks to the many solutions with standard measures present in the catalog or solutions built specifically for you. Depending on your needs, our technicians will find the ideal solution to solve your problem of lifting loads inside apartments or businesses that result in reduced space sizes, but needing large needs of scope.

Mobility Care eliminates your lifting problems by making you free within your spaces. We sell and install products suitable for overcoming architectural barriers and vertical barriers. Among our products you can find mini elevators, closed-door elevators, open-pitch elevators, the tracks stairwell and the wheeled staircase as well as the sale of armchair servo stairwells for the elderly and disabled, platform servoscale and the sale of industrial elevators.

Contact us on 800 58078 for more information about our accessibility products.


Mobility Care's industrial lift types can be divided into two product versions according to their hydraulic handling system:

  • lifts with piston in size;
  • pantograph lift.

Our elevators for the elderly and disabled can easily be installed even in private or public buildings. In case of certified walking difficulties you can get your elevator at attractive prices by benefiting from the 4% concession VAT and the IRPEF deduction at 19%.

If you live in an apartment building it will be the care of our commercial technician to relate to your Condominium Administrator to provide him with all the information about the advantages and prices as well as explain its functional features. We will release our official catalog containing all models of lift platforms to calmly evaluate the one that suits your needs.

Chosen your ideal model among the various color and material options in a short time you will have a free quote from us with a design design design of what your mini elevator will look like once the installation work is complete.


After the installation you can use the lift for a variety of purposes. The lift can be used by those suffering from temporary motor disabilities or even by the rest of the family simply for the transport of the groceries, moving furniture or to raise the stroller with their child.

You will benefit from the tax deductions based on the share of expenditure incurred by you for the purchase of the elevator inside the condominium or all in case the cost is totally at your expense.

The Mobility Care commercial staff, in addition to dealing with the sale of industrial lifts, is organized to follow you in the fulfillment of the design practices and requests to be submitted to the Technical Office of the Municipality in order to provide you with the product installed keys in hand.

Mobility Care's industrial lifts have the minimum platform of 1,000 to 600 mm.

The courses can safely reach thousands of kilograms and reach heights of different floors. For residential versions and therefore used to transport people, the power supply of the lift is 220 V of a common electricity network. Instead, for the industrial version, where important loads of energy are required to operate, the elevator must be connected to the three-phase line with a higher voltage.

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