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The Lift 500 lifting platform for small height differences allows the removal of architectural barriers inside or outside of public and private buildings by adapting the premises according to the Ministerial Decree 236/89.

The lift for the disabled and the elderly marketed exclusively by Mobility Care is easy to install, does not require a pit, does not require heavy masonry work and allows you to reach heights of up to 50 cm with maximum autonomy and freedom of movement. The ideal solution to make homes with a raised entrance accessible from the garden level or for those who need to access the kitchen, living room or sleeping area on staggered floors. Also suitable for regulating shops or bars adjacent to the road that are constrained to small spaces in order to mount an access ramp to the business.

The Lift 500 lifting platform allows people equipped with a normal or electric wheelchair, mothers with a stroller and any other goods to overcome differences in height.

Once fully lowered, the open shaft elevator </ a > Reaches a height of 3 cm. Obstacle that is automatically overcome thanks to the access flap.

Lift 500 has a weight of only 51 kg for a capacity of 225 kg. State-of-the-art technology supported by two motors powered by a common 220 V socket that guarantee a running speed of 25 mm / sec. The limit switch is easily programmable to obtain a precise descent from the person to the desired arrival point.

Easy to use thanks to the start and emergency buttons on the machine. The platform has internal dimensions of L. 800 by P. 1250 mm and external dimensions of L. 1050 by P. 1430. These measurements allow access space for most wheelchairs on the market.

The Lift 500 platform for small gradients has the following technical characteristics:

  • External and internal use;
  • It does not require a pit for installation;
  • Minimum height of 30 mm exceeded by a small automatic flap ramp;
  • Maximum height up to 500 mm;
  • Maximum capacity 225 kg;
  • Weight 51 kg;
  • You can choose the champagne color for the side rails;
  • External dimensions (L x B) 1430 x 1050 mm;
  • Internal dimensions (L x B) 1250 x 800 mm;
  • Lifting speed 25 mm / sec;
  • 220 V electrical connection
  • Power consumption in standby 0.3 W;
  • Power absorbed in operation 200 VA;
  • 10 A fuse;
  • Sound level 52 dB;
  • The sealing class of the Lift 500 platform lift for small gradients is IP 65.


By purchasing the optional Lift 500 lifting platform for small gradients, you will be able to enjoy an even more performing aid both in terms of duration and use.

Among the accessories you can buy are:

  • Protective cap on the control buttons: The polycarbonate protector on the keypad is made of the same material used in the transparent sides of the lift for the disabled Lift 500. The polycarbonate is strong and is also used for example on hockey rinks.

The protective cover is easy to assemble and disassemble. It can also be adapted to existing elevators;

  • The remote control connected to the aid via a spiral cable allows the platform to be used by an assistant;
  • Security key : the aid for the elderly and disabled can only be activated by inserting the key to prevent use by unauthorized persons;
  • Extension platform : the 100 mm and 150 mm extension is easy to assemble and disassemble and provides the lift with a longer platform. It can also be installed on existing platforms. Available in sizes that increase the length of the platform to 1350mm and 1400mm;
  • The Step Lift is a platform that is mounted to overcome two steps and allows you to fill the void present on the upper step. When the elevator descends to the lowest position, the platform rests on the tread of the first step. Step Lift is easy to install and remove. It can be installed on existing platforms. Le Step Lift guarantees a step depth of 275 mm;
  • Battery : in the event of a power failure, you can continue to use your stair climber for another 10 trips;
  • Radio transmitter with remote control : you can remotely control the Lift 500 lifting platform for small gradients using a radio remote control;
  • Led light hi-tech that illuminates the platform making it even more elegant, enhancing the surrounding environment.