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The Lift 2 scissor lift platforms are the new open shaft lifts Made in Mobility Care. Think, study, design, build and install all our over ten years of experience in the mobility sector.

Sophisticated and technological design. The transparent glass set-up and the different RAL colors available guarantee the pantograph platforms uniformity to the environment in which they are placed .

The elevators for the elderly and disabled are made with high-quality hi-tech finishes such as the uprights with rounded lines, the retractable protective bellows and the practical perimeter support handles. High quality standard materials designed to last over time.

In addition to aesthetics, the Lift 2 pantograph platforms are cared for in safety and comfort of movement. You can reach balconies, landings, etc. completely autonomously, overcoming differences in height up to 2 meters simply by pressing the buttons placed on the floors or inside the platform above the horizontal control panel.

Mobility Care’s open shaft lifts are the ideal friend for elderly people with reduced mobility, people with disabilities who use wheelchairs, mothers with stroller, but also for the rest of the family to facilitate the transport of loads at home such as shopping or wood for the stove.

Access to the Lift 2 pantograph platforms is facilitated by the 90 ° opening of the gates. The practical full-length handles allow for a better grip, while the floor covering is non-slip.

The installation does not require special masonry works and can be positioned both inside and outside the buildings.


portata: 300 kg
corsa massima: 10 m
fossa minima: 130 mm
velocità max: 0,15 m/s
potenza assorbita nominale: 1,5 kW
alimentazione: 230 V


The general characteristics of the Lift 2 scissor lift platforms can be summarized in the following points:

  • Platform dimensions: D 1530 mm x L 1100 mm;
  • Pit dimensions: D 1570 x L 1140 mm and H 280 mm;
  • Fixed protections on the lift edge: H 1100 mm transparent perimeter glass and handles placed on the long sides;
  • Gates: H 1100 mm in transparent glass with manual opening towards the floor once the electromechanical safety lock is released;
  • Platform covering: Pedestrian panel in Formica and further finishes of your choice;
  • Standard system finish: Rovigo gray color;
  • Protections under the floor: Bellows plus sensitive anti-crushing edge;
  • Operation: Electro-hydraulic pantograph with built-in control unit;
  • Capacity: 315 kg;
  • Power supply: The single-phase 220 V motor consumes a power of 0.8 kW.

Conformity with European CE Directives
Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC
C.E.M. Directive 2004/108 / EC