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Tracos Montacachi

Montacarichi Tracos: A safe and reliable workmate

The Tracos lift is ideal for warehouses and shopping malls as well as industrial plants.

It has a hydraulic operation, capable of handling goods up to 1500 Kg. It combines the wide range of use and great versatility with the reduced consumption and extremely low technical footprints, equal to those of the lift platforms.

Tracos for its use adopts an automatic maneuvering system with button to the floors for the call of the cabin and button for the reference of the same to other landing planes.

The installation can be carried out either in masonry or reinforced concrete compartments or in various types of metal structures made of steel, aluminum or stainless steel. Tracos installs itself either inside or outside the building.

It can be customized with a series of accessories that optimize its use according to the type of goods that you have to move. These include:
Bumper band
Striped sheet metal floor for concentrated loads
Height adjustable clip bar for freight safety

Transport goods without a companion:
Constant range: 300Kg / 500Kg / 750Kg / 1000-1500kg
Maximum cabin area: 1.44sqm / 3.3sqm / 4.4sqm / 4.4sqm
Speed: 0.20m/sec

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