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Lift 2 Lift Platform for The Elderly and Disabled

Mobility Care has presented its customers with the new Lift 2 platform for the elderly and disabled.

Designed to ensure accessibility to anyone, it is ideal for breaking down architectural barriers in and out of public and private buildings. Designed with elegant lines and innovative technologies. Made from high-quality solid materials, it is designed to last over time and can be used in both civil and industrial environments. Designed to adapt to all architectural contexts thanks to the RAL colors available in the catalog. All Made in Italy!

Mobility Care's open-space elevator is the aid you won't be able to do without. Your daily movements will finally be as safe and independent as they used to be.

In this banking agency in Udine we had the pleasure of installing our new pantograph platform that allows elderly people with walking difficulties, mothers with strollers and disabled people to be able to reach the offices in a way that autonomously.


The new Lift 2 lift platform for the elderly and disabled has innovative technical and constructive characteristics both structurally with the introduction of the horizontal dashboard and in the development of electronics. If you

are also interested in trying out the new Lift 2 lift platform for the elderly and disabled you can do it directly in our showrooms in Treviso and Segrate. Contact us at 800 598078 to arrange an appointment with our business managers.

Please note that if you buy our architectural barriers, you can get regional contributions and benefit from tax breaks such as 4% VAT and IRPEF deductions for savings of up to 50% on total expenditure incurred. In addition, if necessary, you can decide to pay for our open space lift in comfortable monthly instalments by accessing one of our dedicated funds.

Mobility Care also sells servo scales for the elderly as a armchair servo and a platform servo staircase. For small elevations we provide modular ramps, modular ramps or micro lifts. Instead, for higher heights we install closed-space oleodynamic or electric elevators with gearless technology.

What are you waiting for? Contact us and rediscover the pleasure of freedom of movement with the new Lift 2 lift platform for the elderly an

d disabled. The ignition key of the plant allows the use of the product to authorized persons to avoid inappropriate use. Intuitive controls on the floors and on the platform allow the elevator to start moving or descending. Once you have reached the desired floor, the security electromechanical lock is triggered, which allows the manual opening of the gate interested in the manoeuvre.

The hi-tech perimeter cladding consists of support handles and 1100 mm high transparent glass containment panels.

The installation of the Lift 2 lift platform for the elderly and disabled does not require special masonry works except a pit of L. 1570 mm , P. 1140 mm and H. 280 mm . Mechanical and electronic components do not need a machine compartment, but are all inserted inside the lift itself.

The platform, which has l. 1530 mm measurements for P. 1100 mm, is pushed upwards through a pantograph system operated by a 0.8 kw single-phase hydraulic engine. The mountain helps you to overcome heights up to heights of about 2 m.  The useful range is 315 kg such that it allows the simultaneous transport of people or a heavy wheelchair such as the electric one.

Customers were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the open-space elevator and its ease of operation.

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