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Trevor Lift is a self-lifting platform that allows you to cross heights up to 3 meters and has a maximum range of 250 kg. The particularly well-groomed design makes this elevator a solution suitable to integrate perfectly with the different architectural contexts, even in the most prestigious buildings and residences.

The self-lifting platform, thanks to its minimal style and linear shapes, visually matches the balconies and landings where it is placed, without giving in the eye. Thanks to the use of anti-breakthrough glass walls and non-invasive canvases, the elevator blends harmoniously with the existing structures.

Even the finishes are hi tech and refined. The self-lifting platform is characterized by the beautiful aluminum pillars with a rounded shape, the practical full-length handles that make the grip, the coatings of the rubber or aluminum platform safer. Other finishes are available on request.

The Trevor Lift self-lift platform is installed both inside and outside and is equipped with safety and emergency devices. It can also be made in a self-supporting version.

Compliance with European EC Directives
Machine Directive 2006/42/CE
C.E.M. Directive 2004/108/

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