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The kappa 30 electric recliners for the elderly are the perfect mix of comfort and safety . Thanks to the lift, relax and bed functions, you can easily get up and sit down effortlessly or lie down like in a bed . The newly developed 4-movement mechanism is designed and built in Italy. Ensures excellent quality performance, durability and smooth movements.

A special nanotechnological fabric available in different colors is used to cover the armchairs for the elderly and disabled. The fabric is water repellent, breathable and stain resistant . The kappa 30 electric reclining seats for the elderly are equipped with a comfortable headrest .

The EK30 armchairs for the elderly and disabled have a 130 Kg capacity and offer adequate support and maximum comfort thanks to the non-deformable polyurethane foam padding with differentiated density and the seat frame with springs Greek </ strong>.

Main features of kappa 30 electric recliners for the elderly:

    • engines and components manufactured in Italy;
    • mechanical with lift / relax / bed functions;
    • solid structure made of iron and wood;
    • non-deformable polyurethane foam padding with differentiated density;
    • mini roller, the wheels for easy movement of the relax chair;
    • folding armrest;
    • seat frame with Greek springs.

Come and experience the convenience of electric chairs for the elderly in our showrooms in Treviso and Milan . Contact our sales department at toll-free number 800 598078 to make an appointment, to get more information on the features of our lift / recliner chairs and discover the prices and tax breaks dedicated to elderly .

Rediscover the freedom and happiness of living in an environment without architectural barriers by installing some of the disability aids marketed by Mobility Care. Our decades of experience in the sale of stairlifts for the elderly , construction and renovation of bathrooms for the elderly , installation of mini elevators for the home , chair stairlift and platform stairlift allows us to find the ideal solution to every accessibility problem.

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