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poltrona letto alzapersona Kappa 10

The Kappa 10 bed armchair for the elderly and disabled is ideal for your daily rest. You will appreciate it for its sinuous and harmonious lines that make it elegant and refined allowing it to adapt to any environment.

Change your old armchair with one of Mobility Care’s electric lift chairs to achieve unexpected results both in terms of rest and physical health. You’ll immediately notice the quality of a completely Made in Italy product, with attention to detail and ready to give satisfaction in terms of comfort and durability.

With this motorized armchair, in addition to relaxation guaranteed in the afternoons or evenings in front of the television, you can enjoy the bed position to sleep comfortably even during the night .

The two-motor relaxation armchairs by Mobility Care are designed with soft and classic shapes and are made paying particular attention to the finishing of the details. You can choose between different colors for the water-repellent fabric , stain-resistant and breathable upholstery.

The E K10-2 armchair bed by Mobility Care is equipped with a new concept of mechanical 4 movements and a system that allows the adjustment of the seat height to facilitate the position at the table. The armchair has lift functions , relax and bed and allows a 130 kg capacity.

Furthermore, the seat frame of the person-raising seats for elderly disabled people is equipped with Greek springs to offer the guarantee of great comfort and lasting well-being. The padding is in non-deformable polyurethane foam with different densities.

The main features of the Kappa 10 chair bed can be summarized as:

  • structure resistant to stress in iron and wood;
  • Italian mechanics that allow you to enjoy bed, lift and relax positions;
  • control of movements with wired remote control;
  • comfortable microfibre fabrics, resistant to liquids and breathable;
  • weight capacity up to 130 kg;
  • session is realized with the use of Greek springs;
  • Italian design, components and construction.

  • Call us at toll-free number 800 598078 for more information on the Kappa 10 lifting chair, the tax deductions 19% IRPEF and purchase with reduced VAT 4% . Come and visit one of our showrooms in Treviso and Milan to touch and try one of our relaxation chairs for the elderly.

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