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Relax chairs for the elderly are designed to ensure maximum comfort and make some daily operations easier with getting up from the chair or relaxing in a reclining position like a bed.

Thanks to the high quality 4-movement mechanics designed in Italy, relaxation chairs for the elderly are easy to use. They are elevated and reclining, thanks to the action of two resistant motors. They ensure smooth movement and excellent durability.

The classic style and the accurate finishes make these relaxing chairs for the elderly beautiful and suitable for any decor. For the covering it is possible to choose a special stain-resistant, water-repellent and breathable fabric in different colors. The seat is adjustable in height to improve the sitting position at the table. The chair can be equipped with wheels that allow easy movement even with one person on board.
Main features of Kappa 45 relaxation chairs for the elderly:
• Structure in iron and wood.
• Seat frame with Greek springs
• Padding in non-deformable polyurethane foam with different densities.
• Mechanics with Lift / Relax / Bed functions.
• Italian engines.
• Capacity 130 Kg.

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