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Mobility Care’s range of bathtubs with doors for the elderly guarantees maximum quality, comfort, practicality and safety for all those who wish to enjoy the pleasure of bathing in complete autonomy. Our bathtubs with doors are designed with a fine and attractive design, with attention to detail and integrated into any service environment enhancing it from an aesthetic point of view as well as functional. It is one of the aids for the elderly that can significantly improve the quality of life.

The comfortable and wide ergonomic seat of our bathtubs for the elderly allows the person to lean back with his back and not to slip forward. Practical and modern, it also has a recess in the centre to facilitate intimate hygiene while remaining comfortably seated. The handle at the edge of the bathtub helps you to enter and exit the bathtub holding you with one hand on a firm point of support. The access step with very low lift and the non-slip surfaces guarantee a high level of safety in the movements of people with walking difficulties. Combine one of our bathtubs with a door for the elderly and disabled with bathroom accessories such as curtains, safety handles or soap holders to enhance comfort and privacy during your moment of relaxation. For special needs you can also request the built-in taps and fittings and the easy opening of the door according to your needs.

Depending on your needs, you can choose to open the door from the following models:

  • Bathtub with side opening door;
  • Bathtub with side door with external opening;
  • Bathtub with front opening door.

The many sizes and customization options will allow you to install your bathtub with door in your ideal position by placing it in confined spaces, close to a door, a cabinet, a column or simply in place of your old bathtub.
All our baths are completely Made in Italy, CE marked and are synonymous with guarantee, quality and innovation.



Mobility Care has decades of experience in the installation of bathtubs with doors and in the construction and renovation of assisted bathrooms. With our wide range of aids for the elderly and disabled we are able to eliminate the architectural barriers in your bathroom making it safe and comfortable for the whole family.

We offer a complete service that includes the free supermarket by a qualified agent who will check the spaces in the bathroom, your needs regarding the type of bathtub and finished the inspection you will get a rough project in scale with an illustration of how the work will look once finished.

Replace your old bathtub or shower cubicle with one of our bathtubs with a door for the elderly, integrating some of our accessories to make your bathroom accessible.

The installation includes the removal of the existing bathtub trying to protect the tiles from the containment walls, update the drain line and change the position of the hydraulic system with the displacement of the hot and cold water connections. To complete the project, we will create the screed for the support of one of the bathtubs with door chosen by you. Our specialized technicians will install the product in a few hours and, when work is completed, we will leave your bathroom completely clean.

Our sales department will also assist you in the processing of the files to obtain the regional contribution on the removal of architectural barriers L. 13/1989 and inform you about the IRPEF deductions of 50% of the total expenditure.

To find out the prices of bathtubs with door do not hesitate to contact us at green number 800 598078 or send a mail to our sales office that will contact you in a short time. If, in addition to replacing your old bathtub, you wish to proceed with the total renovation to make your bathroom accessible, please visit our accessories page or the page dedicated to seniors showers.

Take advantage of the incentives and tax deductions to make the other rooms in your home accessible as well. Mobility Care breaks down all architectural barriers inside and outside buildings. We sell staircases for the elderly and install aids such as servalers for armchairs, platform servo, closed-loop elevators and open-loop elevators. We will solve all your accessibility problems.

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