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The new stairlift chair for straight stairs of Mobility Care is comfortable, safe and designed to last.

The latest generation ultra-thin guide is the narrowest ever made to date . With us you can buy the stair climbing chair with the least cumbersome and best performing armchair on the market.

The up and down stairs for the elderly and disabled can be installed near the wall like never before. You will have additional free space inside the room to facilitate the passage to the other tenants of the house.

The four drive wheels of the seat stairlift for straight stairs are operated by means of the joystick in the armrest. They are supported by four silent and reliable motors that run on a guide without oil lubricated rack thus facilitating easy cleaning.

The chair for climbing stairs is recharged wherever it is so that the batteries are always charged and ready for use.

Security for the customer is a prerogative that is not lacking on the part of Mobility Care in the supply of aids to eliminate architectural barriers. For the user, there is a retractable seat belt and an emergency button. For the other tenants the shockproof strips are installed which stop the vehicle from moving in the event of contact.

Once you arrive at your destination, the seat stairlift for elderly for straight stairs allows you to rotate the seat in order to facilitate landing on the floor.

Once the use of the aid is complete, you can fold the footrest, seat and armrests upwards, further reducing their bulk.


  • Maximum load 140 Kg;
  • Consumption 20 Watts;
  • Minimum scale width 620 mm;
  • Retractable seat belt;
  • Key switch;
  • The seat can be installed at four different heights;
  • The chair upholstery is made of vanilla / beige leatherette, with a flame retardant and easy to clean fabric;
  • Progressive start and stop;
  • Automatic stop at the highest and lowest points of the staircase;
  • Safety end of the footrest;
  • Full coverage security end;
  • Remote controls installed on the wall at the highest and lowest points of the staircase;
  • Guide composed of 2 sections 2.35 m long each;
  • Guide color: anodised aluminum, natural color.

  • Mobility Care has over ten years experience in selling stairlifts for the elderly with thousands of systems installed throughout the national territory and across the border. We satisfy every need for accessibility thanks to our wide range of products. Among these are: tracked stairlift , seat stairlift for curved stairs with gradient changes , stairlift for spiral staircases , servoscale a platforms for the transport of wheelchairs and domestic lifts .

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