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The Banco Lift flag lift allows people with reduced mobility in wheelchairs to overcome the small difficulties that make everyday life heavier and more complicated. In particular, this micro lift is particularly useful in situations where the space available is limited and must still be left free for other uses.

Banco Lift is a comfortable and safe flag lift that allows you to overcome differences in height up to 800 mm and has a payload of 230 kg. To facilitate access to the platform with the wheelchairs, the edges are tilted and reversible. It works with rechargeable batteries and therefore does not require fixed electrical connections.

In the rest position, the flag lift is not an obstacle on the stairs. The platform is closed again, considerably reducing the overall dimensions and at the same time protecting the control and lifting devices.

The movements of the Banco Lift flag lift are fully motorised and are controlled by the on-board buttons, an external push-button panel or a wireless remote control.

Compliance with European CE Directives
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
C.E.M. Directive 2004/108/EC
European Standard EN 81-40

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