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Industrial Freight Handling With Pantograph represents an ideal solution where the need to handle heavy loads between several levels is a fundamental requirement.
The platform is available for installation in masonry or equipped with its own compartment in metal structure buffered.

Serial equipment:
– Hydraulic pantograph lifting system.
– Manual landing doors of the lift type, with certified lock with mechanical release and electrical release.
Hinged, single or double depending on the dimensions, with useful opening 2m in height.
Made of honeycomb sandwich sheet metal with small or porthole window and external handle.
Emergency release device from the outside with key.
– Platform: without walls and without doors on board, with platform in striped, almond or smooth sheet metal with anti-slip finish.
– Controls: automatic type, operated only from the top.
Wall mounted push-button panels with: Call button, mushroom stop button, signal lamp Present on the floor
– Self-levelling of the platform on the floor.
– Overload detection device with alarm signal.
– Blocking valve at the base of the cylinder
– Emergency manual descent operated by the control unit.
– Separate control unit and electrical panel.
– Inspection hatch on the platform and safety locks for maintenance under the platform.
– Hooking eyebolts for handling during unloading and positioning in the compartment.
– Electrical system with IP54 protection
– Power supply voltage: 400V Three-phase
– Auxiliary control voltage: 24 VAC
– Standard Finishes: Light Grey.

– Platform: internal walls in plastic-coated sheet metal with slats on the sides not affected by the accesses, standard height 2m
– Internal lighting of the compartment / platform
– Hinged doors with non-standard useful height
– Doors Flame shield or REI 60 – 90 -120 (only in the masonry compartment)
– Anti-skid guides
– On-board operator position: only for strokes up to 3m and with maintained-action controls.
– Battery in buffer for recovery to the low floor in case of absence of power supply.
– Own compartment in metal structure with standard dark grey finish (structure and doors) or required colour.
– Metal structure cladding with light grey melamine panels, also covered with painted sheet metal.
– Metal structure covering with single or double pitch canopy, or flat (indoor installation only)
– Finishes with colour on request
– Outdoor execution
Stainless steel version

Portate 1000Kg / 2000Kg / 3000Kg
Platform dimensions from minimum 1550mm X 1000mm to maximum 3000mm X 2000mm
Pit dimensions from minimum 430mm to maximum 1070mm
Stroke from minimum 2100mm to maximum 6180mm

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