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Margie Lift is the extra-large armchair staircase for the elderly: with a comfortable seat with abundant and very comfortable dimensions, able to fit into any environment, even in small spaces.

The backrest is padded, available in three colours and washable. The seat can be swivelled to rotate towards the top and make entry and exit easier. The armrests and footrests have a reinforced structure to give the best support when you stand up and sit down. In addition, this armchair-mounted staircase for the elderly is also accessible to wheelchair users, thanks to the swivel seat and the minimum height above ground.

Margie Lift allows elderly and disabled people to easily climb any type of staircase, for indoor and outdoor use. The mechanism is robust and has a maximum capacity of 230 kg. The controls of the staircase for the elderly and disabled are intuitive and logical, placed on the armrests.

The armchair-mounted staircase for the elderly is compact and foldable. In the resting position it occupies the minimum space. It is also equipped with a delicate dry guide. It does not dirty the stairs because it does not use oil or grease.

Conformity with European EC Directives
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
C.E.M. Directive 2004/108/EC
European Standard EN 81-40

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