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Excellent System is a system of ramps for prefabricated and modular disabled people. It allows to easily overcome the differences in level, the steps and all the architectural barriers.

The prefabricated disabled ramps can be used by all people with mobility difficulties, both by those in wheelchairs and by the elderly who find it more difficult to climb the steps or walk without fatigue.

Made of polyethylene, the ramps for prefabricated disabled people can be installed both inside and outside. They are washable and have a non-slip surface.

Characteristics of the ramps for the elderly and disabled prefabricated

• Formed with polyethylene modules, non-toxic, 100% renewable
• Washable and reusable
• Perfect for both internal and external use
• 100% customizable
• The modules allow building ramps for the elderly and disabled prefabricated of any shape and size and with different degrees of slope
• Quick assembly without using screws, plugs or glue
• Non-slip surface

Mobility Care provides a complete design and installation service for prefabricated disabled ramps.

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