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Serial equipment Platform Elevator Single Scissor:
– Single pantograph lifting system
– Lifting arms made from thick sheet metal, machined with high precision machines;
Carbon steel pins with flanges, machined from billet, provide rigidity to the structure;
Basic arm-frame joints of the hinge type with through pin;
Steel pantograph sliding rollers;
Joints with self-lubricating bushings
Remote pantograph arms to prevent shearing
– Smooth sheet metal loading surface, dimensioned for even or partially concentrated load distribution.
– Single-acting cylinder with drainage:
Chrome-plated stem and internally lapped barrel
Oleolite gaskets for high pressures
Blocking valve at the base of the cylinders to stop movements in the event of hose breakage
– Built-in or separate control unit (3m standard connection)
Motor-pump coupling with elastic coupling;
Suction filter;
Valve block applied to the tank;
Pressure regulating valve;
Compensated flow regulator for keeping the speed constant during descent, regardless of the load;
Pushbutton valve of the “zero” leakage type, separate from the solenoid valve, for operating the manual descent;
– Basic frame with anti-intrusion foot stop band
– Safety blocks for maintenance under the platform
– Anti-crush safety perimeter frame under the edges of the loading surface: stops the descent in case of contact.
– Maintained-action controls: steering wheel push-button panel with Ascent, Descent, Mushroom stop buttons
– Electrical system with IP54 protection
– Power supply voltage: 400V Three-phase
– Control and auxiliary voltage: 24 VAC
– Standard varnishing: rustproof base, finish with green – orange enamel
– Indoor version

Technical data:
– Environmental service conditions: +5° / +40°
– Frequency of use: 30 cycles/hour max with intensity of continuous daily use of:
a) 12 hours x max. stroke 1.5m or 8 hours x max. stroke 2m, for machines with standard basic equipment
b) 16 hours x max. stroke 1.5m or 12 hours x max. stroke 2m, for machines with grease nipples
c) 24 hours x max. stroke 1,5m or 18 hours x max. stroke 2m, for machines with greasing system

Portate 600Kg / 1000Kg / 2000Kg / 3000Kg / 4000Kg / 5000Kg / 6000Kg / 8000Kg / 10000Kg
Platform dimensions from minimum 1000mm X 600mm to maximum 3000mm X 2000mm
Pit dimensions from minimum 200mm to maximum 380mm
Stroke from minimum 600mm to maximum 2060mm

Base frame on idler wheels, 2 fixed and 2 on extractable drawbar Mobile, manual or motorised ramps, for vehicle connections
Fixed, with or without gates, or pull-out perimeter protection railings
Protective bellow under the floor
Swivel table, manual or motorized
Tilting table, longitudinally or transversely, motorized
Sliding table, longitudinally or transversely, manual or motorized
Platform load interlocking devices, fixed or mobile, with retractable motor
Forkable base frame
Eyebolts or clamps for platform movement
Reinforced floor for the passage of vehicles or forklifts
Loading surface made of stainless steel striated sheet metal or coated with almond-shaped aluminium
Grease nipples or greasing system
Customizable valve group for management of applied equipment
Double acting cylinders
Outdoor execution
Special applications available on request

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