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Crawler Stairlifts are designed to allow wheelchair users to cross steps even in places where there are no suitable fixed equipment such as stairlifts and platforms.

The tracked staircase consists of a steel supporting structure to which the wheelchair is attached. The structure moves on rubber tracks thanks to an electric motor and allows the transport of the wheelchair, overcoming steps and ramps of stairs. The movement is comfortable, with delicate stops and starts, without tearing.

A wide range of wheelchairs of different models can be anchored to the crawler stairlifts and the extremely low height makes them easier to fit. They have a load capacity of up to 150 kg and are equipped with a self-locking system in case of emergency.

The Sherpa crawler cranes for the elderly and disabled are also distinguished by their particularly well thought-out, modern and attractive design. They adopt cutting-edge technological solutions to make it safe and easy to overcome architectural barriers.

The tracked stair lift does not require a fixed installation and can be easily moved.

Features Crawler Stairlifts

– Flow rate up to 150 K
– Driven by irreversible gearmotor and electronic control with soft start and stop function
– Self-locking track lift system for disabled and elderly people in case of emergency or power failure
– Maximum gradient that can be overcome 70% equal to 35°
– 24VDC electronically controlled power supply
– Quiet running: elimination of clamp noise when starting and stopping the squirrel for disabled and elderly people (no contactors)
– Electronic and mechanical devices guarantee a high level of general safety
– Maintenance: the wear parts of the ladder lift for disabled and elderly people are easy to replace thanks to the easy access and connection of the electrical system
– Modern design
– The control standards applied to the production process guarantee a high quality of the crawler ladder lift for disabled and elderly people.
– Reinforced drawbar with increased tubular thickness and reinforcement brackets (N 903)
– Ergonomic handlebar for practical use (N 903)
– Adjustable fixing bracket on two axes (N 903)
– Supporting ramps in painted sheet steel covered with almond-shaped non-slip aluminium (N 903)

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