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Beautiful and extremely comfortable. The choice of a flush floor shower tray or a shower cubicle with a raised floor is not just a matter of aesthetics. This solution makes it very easy to get into the shower, even for people in a wheelchair or who have difficulty walking and bending their knees.

The flush floor shower tray makes everyone agree: lovers of minimalist design and people with mobility problems who would like to wash safely and comfortably. Even a few centimetres high are an architectural barrier in the bathroom for disabled people, people in wheelchairs and elderly people with walking problems.

The shower tray can be made of different materials, either flush with the floor or with the raised floor:
– Acrylic resin
– White fiberglass
– White acrylic stone

The same materials can also be used to make the walls of the bathroom:
– Fiberglass
– Acrylic stone
– Acrylic resin

The flush floor shower tray can be made to measure according to the characteristics of the bathroom and the particular needs. In the case of renovations, when over the years you want to renew the bathroom by replacing the bathtub or redoing the shower with a more comfortable and safe solution, the flush floor shower tray allows you to adapt to any context with a realization of great design.


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