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Fuori casa non sempre ci si sente protetti, sicuri e veloci nei movimenti quotidiani. Grazie a strumenti come rampe per anziani, disabili e invalidi, scooter e biciclette elettriche, potrai compiere le azioni di tutti i giorni da solo e con semplicit.

In order to overcome small differences in height, modular, fixed or modular ramps for the elderly and disabled can be the solution that can combine the architectural needs and the quality of life of the environment.

Polyethylene ramps are a valid alternative to install quickly and practically than conventional ramps for the elderly and disabled in concrete or aluminum. They have a 2-year warranty and can be cut with any shape or size during installation without using screws, plugs or adhesives. They are also perfectly recyclable and ecologically sustainable. The ramps for the disabled and the elderly allow people who are in a wheelchair or have difficulty walking to overcome steps and height differences.

Electric scooters make it easy to do small outdoor activities, as they are machines with great strength and ease of use. Unlike wheelchairs, they allow for faster and easier movements without compromising safety in the slightest.

Electric bicycles are a perfect combination of comfort and technology for those who like to move around the city while respecting the environment. Thanks to two wheels powered by an electric motor, even the most sedentary people finally have the opportunity to leave the car at home and move for several kilometres.

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