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Outside the home you don’t always feel protected, safe and fast in daily movements. Thanks to tools such as ramps for the elderly, disabled and disabled, scooters and electric bicycles, you will be able to carry out your everyday actions simply and easily.

To overcome reduced slopes, l and modular ramps for the elderly and disabled, fixed or modular can be the solution able to combine the architectural needs and the liveability of the environment.

Polyethylene ramps are a valid alternative, of quick and more practical installation, compared to traditional ramps for the elderly and disabled in cement or aluminum. They are guaranteed for 2 years and can be shaped to measure with any shape or size during installation, without using screws, plugs or glue. They are also perfectly recyclable and environmentally sustainable. The ramps for disabled and elderly allow the overcoming of steps and unevenness to people who move in wheelchairs or have mobility difficulties.

Electric scooters allow you to carry out small outdoor activities, without effort, because they are machines with great resistance and easy handling. Unlike wheelchairs, they allow faster and easier movements, without minimally affecting safety.

Electric bikes , for those who love moving around the city while respecting the environment, are a perfect combination of comfort and technology. Thanks to two wheels powered by an electric motor, even the most sedentary people will finally have the opportunity to leave the car at home and move for several kilometers.




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