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Relax Armchairs for Elderly

Enjoy a well-deserved rest with relaxation chairs for the elderly and disabled by Mobility Care. Comfortable, beautiful to look at and full of features. Among our types of relaxation products discover:

  • electric chairs for the elderly;
  • lift seats for the elderly;
  • lift-up seats for the elderly;
  • motorized seats for the elderly;
  • sleeping chairs for the elderly;
  • reclining chairs for the elderly;
  • relax armchairs with wheels;
  • relax armchairs, lift, bed.

Choose from our range of models, colors and finishes the relax armchair that best meets your wellness needs:

It will be your ideal companion during moments of rest, especially during the winter months when it is cold and wet outside.

If you are thinking of replacing your old armchair or, with advancing age, the first difficulties arose to get up or sit down from the sofa, trust Mobility Care to purchase your new relax armchair for seniors at discounted prices . You will be able to take advantage of offers and promotions for the elderly and disabled as reduced VAT at 4% instead of 22%.

To make it easier for you to choose the product, we have created a guide on how to choose your ideal electric motorized relaxation chair . Or download the general catalog with our range of elevating and reclining chairs for the elderly.

Our armchairs are both modern and classic, with a refined design that facilitates placement in any environment you wish. The motorized armchairs raise person for the elderly and disabled are totally Made in Italy , from the design to the realization of the product.


Generally our electric motorized seats have a 130 kg range . For more important needs we can supply the three-person person lift chair that is able to support higher weight loads up to 300 kg and with wider seat sizes.

As for the dimensions, ours electric relax armachairs with reduced dimensions they have a width of 72 cm and a depth of 77 cm in the EK91 model. Generally our motorized armchair models for the elderly pass quietly through doors 80 cm wide. Within our catalogs you will find in detail, based on the desired product, all the measurements, movements and information on the fabrics you need.

Choose the elevating / reclining relax armchair that suits you best based on the different design models, materials and colors. Our products consist of an innovative mechanical iron and wood that allows Lift , Relax movements, Bed thanks to the Italian engines powered by a common 220 volt electrical outlet.

The armrests, the backrest and the ergonomic seat are padded with a special non-deformable expanded polyurethane with differentiated density that makes the armchair for the elderly comfortable and long-lasting .

The relax armchairs by Mobility Care are covered with stain-resistant, water-repellent, breathable fabrics and in some fireproof versions. Among our products you can find the:

  • fabric relax armchair;
  • faux leather relax armchair.

The characteristics of the relaxation chairs for the elderly of Mobility Care can be summarized between types of fabrics, sizes and types of motorization. Cutting-edge technologies and high quality materials are the right combination to have a comfortable and functional product.

Based on your comfort needs, you can choose from the following products:

  • relax armchairs with one motor;
  • relax armchairs with two motors.

The two-motor version will allow you to have at home a comfortable electric sleeper chair where you can pamper your sleep both in the afternoon after lunch and even at night. Instead, both types of products will allow you to have an armchair in your home that can get the following benefits:

  • armchair with footrest or armchair with footrest to keep your legs raised, favoring micro blood circulation. Suitable for those suffering from swelling of the lower limbs;
  • lift armchair or lift chair to help you stand up gradually using the appropriate remote control, so you can get back on your feet effortlessly and safely; </ li>
  • recliner chair to relax you during the day, while you are watching TV, while reading a book or visiting friends and relatives;
  • armchair bed or bed armchair suitable for a quick rest after lunch or dinner, but also for sleeping, letting yourself be pampered during the night hours wrapped in maximum comfort and relaxation like you you were in your bed.

Depending on the model you want, you can have the removable armrests , the servant table , the side pocket for objects , the < strong> armchair cover fabric and wheels to easily move the chair.

Browse through our models to choose the solution that meets your wellness and design needs.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact our sales office via toll-free number 800 598078 or by e-mail info@mobilitycare.it . We will provide you with all the information on the features and prices of relaxation chairs for the elderly and disabled.

In addition to accessible furniture, Mobility Care also deals with sales of stairlifts for the elderly and any other device or aid suitable for removing architectural barriers. We build and refurbish bathrooms to make them accessible to anyone.

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