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Mobility Care's closed elevators help you improve your quality of life by easily overcoming vertical barriers in public and private buildings.

Mobility Care is responsible for the planning, sale and installation of elevators with closed space and comfortable, quiet and easy-to-use elevator platforms that will make you forget the difficulties or impossibility of making stairs easy access to and from the house or office in complete autonomy.


With Happy Lift you will find the freedom and serenity to move from one floor to the other. These lifts for the elderly and disabled have an extremely versatile design and are designed to fit elegantly into different architectural contexts: private houses, multi-apartment palaces, commercial spaces, offices and public Places. They can also be installed in existing stairwells.

A feature of Happy Lift lifts for the elderly and disabled is the brightness. Large glazed surfaces allow the light to enter the room and make the room airier. The stained-glass windows are framed by an elegant aluminium structure that is weather- and corrosion-resistant.

Happy Lift offers great freedom of customization. The lifts for the elderly and disabled allow a very wide range of options in the choice of floors, colours, accessories and walls made of transparent, smoky or satin glas

s. These tools for overcoming architectural barriers are often referred to as different types of terminology, such as: B.:

  • Lifts for seniors
  • Lifts for the disabled
  • Elevators to the house
  • Domestic lifts
  • Elevation platforms
  • increased platforms


  • Elevators
  • Domestic lifts
  • Lift platform
  • Mini-lift
  • Mini-lift
  • Microlifts

Rely on Mobility Care to transform historic buildings, your home or office into accessible environments with one of our enclosed elevator products suitable for lifting people or large loads. Our range of mini elevators also allows installation in compartments with interior sizes of less than 1 m, even if they are not suitable for transporting a person in a wheelchair.

All elevator platforms sold by Mobility Care have CE markings and meet the design criteria of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.


  • ACCESSIBILITY: Automatic doors, button with height adjustable braille symbols and call to the floor are just some of the many options that allow you to make your house lift practical and functionally suitable to facilitate your everyday life moving into the Floors. Mobility Care's closed professional elevator allows easy entry and exit from the house and if you wish, you can choose to enter your private environment with the greatest possible privacy, thanks to our state-of-the-art safety systems is protected to unwanted neto.
  • SIMPLICITY: Thanks to our decades of experience in elevators and our employees, who are constantly up to date with the latest innovations on the market, we will install your ideal elevator in a few days. The use of a small pit and headboard makes it possible to speed up the installation time to avoid annoying masonry work. You can decide whether you want to use the swivel doors or install the automatic sliding doors to facilitate the exit as in a common elevator.
  • SAFETY: The power button on the button allows you to avoid the inappropriate use of your minilift by unauthorized persons. Sensors on the swivel doors hinder the operation of the elevator if the safety deadlines are not met.  In the absence of power for the hydraulic solution, the exit to the lower floor is always guaranteed. For the electric version instead of using a battery you can get to the desired floor safely.
  • VERSATILITY: Mobility Care's indoor and outdoor elevators are fully customizable to meet all your accessibility needs. Business objectives include selling and installing products with standard measures at reduced prices. They are ideal in the design phase of the new building or during the renovation. If you want to make your home or business accessible but do not have the space for our standard solutions, we can create customized platforms for you to meet any need for action and scope.

  • USABILITY: With your minilift, you can move from one floor to another without getting too tedious at a speed of 0.15 m per second. Once installed, it will not only make the elderly or disabled autonomous in travel, it will be a valuable help for the whole family. The elevator will lift you from the work of carrying these heavy loads such as food and other small internal removals.
  • ESTETICA: highly appreciated by our customers is the aesthetics of our products, which thanks to the fine surfaces manage to integrate perfectly into the environment improvement of commercial buildings, home environments and condominiums;
  • ECOSATION: The reduced energy consumption of Mobility Care elevator platforms is comparable to an ordinary household appliance. By connecting to your normal 220V home power grid, you can use your mini elevator without needing more than 3 kW of a normal home meter.


  • Gearless electric platform: does not require a machine room, as the permanent magnet asynchronous motor and the control panel are located at the top of the compartment.

An inverter system allows you to adjust the graduality of descents and stops, to maintain a comfort, to drive higher than the hydraulic system, as well as to adjust the speed of movements by adjusting to the change in frequency and voltage act.

It turns out much more precise when leveling the planes thanks to magnets that indicate the correct position.

Our closed lifts with gearless motors can accommodate heights of up to eight stops with a fuel consumption of only 450 W, thanks to the system of counterweights that flow along the route to the side of the compartment and facilitate the engine during descent

s. Mobility Care has two ways of handling its closed lifts, such as B.:

  • Hydraulic platform: The ascent to the cabin floors is done via a hydraulic pump, which pushes the platform along a telescopic handle. The latter flows on two tracks on the side of the compartment, which prevents vibrations. In the descent phase, the energy consumption is practically zero, as a valve dissipates the oil needed to reach the desired ground.

This solution is slightly cheaper than the electric one, as all mechanical parts are installed on the lower floor of the compartment, including the pump and control panel. The hydraulic platform is usually installed when the height difference is less than 14.5 m. and with occasional use during the day. It is also ideal for lifting large courses.

For its simplicity does not require great costs in routine maintenance.


Mobility Care's closed elevators can be installed in two different room types:

  • Masonry area: large-scale commercial activities and public buildings. In general, the masonry of the closed elevators during construction is designed and built to accommodate the premises for overcoming architectural barriers according to Law 13/1989 and D.M. appropriately. 14th. June 1989, No. 236. In this case, the installation of the elevator proves to be much faster than the box-pending compartment, since only the body machine has to be placed in it;
  • this solution is accepted both for the undisputed aesthetic effect, as well as to solve the problem of lack of space in premises such as old condominiums or private buildings, where it is not possible to install a masonry for the elevator. The lock can be placed both inside and outside the buildings and uses the best solution from the point of view of accessibility.

The sheathing is made of aluminum to avoid long-term corrosion phenomena that can occur with the use of less valuable materials. The elegant design and respect for ergonomics make it harmonious and modern, allowing the environment around it to improve. It is easy to install and maintained in detail thanks to the complete absence of exposed screws and retractable wiring in the frame structure.


By purchasing the closed elevators from Mobility Care, you benefit from important tax breaks. If you are a person with walking difficulties, you can buy your mini house lift with VAT of 4% and use the IRPEF deduction of 19% of the total expenses in the year of billing. The condition is that you have a certificate proving your disability or disability to the dependent person and a prescription issued by the asl's physio doctor, to which you must have the functional link between the product and your Motor handicap.

If you need to restructure, you are entitled to 4% VAT. and the IRPEF deduction of 50% of total expenditure spread over the 10 years after the settlement date. To obtain this facility, you must first submit an application to your municipality for intervention to remove architectural barriers through a design study.

For more information on our closed elevator products and specific information on regional contributions, please call us at toll-free number 800 598078. In addition to what is shown here, our services also include the installation and sale of servo scales for the elderly, adhesive and wheel ladders, barrier-free ramps, motorized armchairs, safety handles, bathroom chairs and other numerous tools for the elderly.


Before you install your help, you should know that you can benefit from tax breaks for buying domestic elevators.

If you are about to build your first house, you can claim 4% VAT. If you have difficulty walking, you can also reduce the IRPEF deduction of 19% in the billing year as long as you own:

  • Certificate of your disability or disability of the dependant;
  • Medical prescription eissued by the Asl of membership, which certifies the functional connection between the disability of motor nature and the purchased product.

On the other hand, if you need to install one of our lifts for the elderly and disabled during a renovation, you can use the VAT on 4% plus the IRPEF deduction of 50% spread over 10 years by providing your municipality with a Design study, the application for measures to break down architectural barriers.

In addition, you can get a refund of the total expenses through state and regional funds by filling out an application form with your municipality before you start work.

Call us at toll-free number 800 598078 to learn more about our products and their facilities. In addition to selling elevators for the elderly, Mobility Care also sells servo ladders for the elderly, access ramps and stair lifts for the disabled.

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