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Mobility Care has decades of experience in selling wheeled and tracked stairlifts for the elderly. With our products we are able to support those who have difficulty walking or need a wheelchair during daily trips and want to be able to access every place outside the home.

The sale of stairlifts for the elderly is the core business of Mobility Care; these devices have a range that varies from 130 kg to 150 kg and differ in two types of product:


Tracked stairlifts can only be used on straight staircases with regular steps and landings without a stairway at the foot of the goose. Obviously there must be a minimum width of the stairwell to allow rotation of the vehicle with the assisted on board the machine. This aid allows the person to be transported only through the use of a wheelchair. During the ascent or descent of the stairs you can safely make a stop: the vehicle will remain stationary maintaining in total safety for the person transported.


The wheelchair stairlift can be used in two versions: 1. for transporting people with slight walking difficulties in the solution with a padded seat and backrest; 2. for transporting people in wheelchairs with the platform version. If its versatility makes it the strong point since it manages to overcome any type of staircase, the fact of not being able to stop during the direction of travel can present some more perplexity in terms of safety.

Moving independently in the city is still very complicated. The presence of unevenness even of just a few centimeters creates obstacles that make the premises inaccessible, affecting not a little psychophysically the lives of elderly and disabled people. The same problem arises again when you have to visit a loved one inside a condominium or a private house without an electric stairwell. This is why Mobility Care offers a wide range of aids for overcoming architectural barriers inside and outside buildings.

Contact our sales people to sell stairlifts for the elderly in order to obtain a practical and versatile solution that guarantees you an easier life.

The use of an electric stairlift, thanks to a battery installed inside the vehicle, makes it possible to make more movements without having to resort to the presence of a stationary charging point.

vendita di montascale a ruote e a cingoli per anziani

These types of stairlifts prove to be practical to use and are easily hooked to the rear of the wheelchair through a telescopic arm so as to carry the seated person safely and comfortably up and down the stairs.


perché scegliere il miglior montascale

Why choose a stairlift? Buying and installing a stairlift for sale at Mobility Care can greatly improve the quality of life when incapacitating pathologies that can hinder the autonomy of the elderly or of the disabled in climbing and descending stairs take over. In this case our aids for the elderly can be the ideal solution. Mobility Care recommends this type of product in the event of:

  • temporary incapacity such as an accident or a short illness;
  • stairs too narrow to install a lifting platform;
  • lack of a nearby energy source to power a stairlift;
  • need to access areas outside the home as it can be easily removed to be placed inside the trunk of your car;
  • limited spending budget given the lower costs compared to other product types;
  • constant presence of a figure that guarantees the daily life of the primary functions of the assisted person.

However, we remind you that the best choice for convenience and to guarantee your independence remains the installation of a seat stairlift or platform stairlift; these allow you to ensure full freedom of movement directly from the person with difficulty walking through the direct use of movement commands present on the machine. The use of a stairlift instead implies the constant presence of a second person who maneuvers the aid during the direction of travel.


Mobility Care does not only deal with the sale of wheelchair and track stairlifts for the elderly and their maintenance. The company offers a wide range of aids for the elderly and disabled with an excellent value for money. There are no doubt about the advantages deriving from the purchase of a stairlift, but unfortunately due to lack of funds and a sense of civic duty, public places do not always have fixed solutions such as stair lifts or platform lifts.

In Italy according to ISTAT data of December 2016, the presence of disabled students during the 2015-2016 school year is equal to 156,000 units, about 3.4% of total students, of which 88,000 in primary school and about 68,000 in secondary school . Numbers destined to rise thanks to the work carried out in recent years on the inclusion of disabled students. However, the latter is still limited due to the inadequacy of many buildings due to the presence of architectural barriers. Suffice it to say that in primary schools still 12.9% of pupils with disabilities are not autonomous to move within their own school. The percentage drops to 11.6% as far as pupils are concerned within the buildings destined for lower secondary school.

In these cases the purchase of a product with a modern design such as the stairlift for the elderly and disabled of Mobility Care is the most congenial solution waiting to be able to obtain funding from the Institute to be able to install a fixed saliscale so as to be able to settle definitively the problem of accessibility of pupils within the premises.

benefici derivanti dall’acquisto di un montascale

benefici derivanti dall’acquisto di un montascale

However, the use of this aid must be obtained by a person who has obtained instructions from the company. Mobility Care will also follow you in the after sales of the stairlift for the elderly. Our technicians at the time of delivery will take care of providing all the information so that you can use the product right away. If the stairlift stops at half scale you can, knowing the necessary emergency procedures, manually return the person to the desired floor through the appropriate maneuver with the handling device.

By purchasing one of the many stairlifts for sale in our product range, you can benefit from VAT at 4% as well as the income tax deduction of 19% as long as you have the appropriate documentation issued by the doctor of the ASL of competence. If you prefer to pay in installments, you can also access a zero-rate loan.

Our range of stair lifts is suitable for overcoming stairs according to the technical design specifications outlined in Articles 4.1.10 and 8.1.10 of Ministerial Decree No. 236 of June 14, 1989 which prescribes the technical specifications that guarantee accessibility, the adaptability and visibility of private buildings and subsidized and facilitated public residential buildings in order to guarantee the overcoming and elimination of architectural barriers. They also respond to Article 7 of the D.P.R. No. 503 of 24 July 1996 which regulates the elimination of architectural barriers in buildings, spaces and public services and in Article 19.3 of the same Decree which provides for the use of mobile equipment not anchored to building structures in order to overcome barriers architectural in buildings where the historical and aesthetic value of the protected property does not allow the installation of fixed installations. You can also benefit from the facilities provided by Law 13 of 9 January 1989, which collects the provisions in order to help overcome the architectural barriers in private buildings.



In addition to the sale of wheeled and tracked stairlifts for the elderly, Mobility Care also deals with the sale of stairlifts for senior citizens such as armchair stairlift and platform stairlift, home lifts, elevators and ramps able to permanently eliminate the architectural barriers present inside and outside the home. For more information do not hesitate to contact us by phone at green number 800 598078 .

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