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Servoscale in armchair

Mobility Care offers a wide range of armchair servoscales for the elderly to meet all your accessibility needs inside and outside your home. Our top-flight aids are comfortable, elegant, easy to use and make it easy to climb and descend safely. The armrests and the seat are made according to the most modern guidelines dictated by ergonomics: the optimal padding of the chair, the correct tilt of the back ensure maximum comfort and the ideal lumbar support. In the phase of use, these elderly aids can be enclosed upwards together with the footrest platform in order to reduce their footprint.

This saliscale for the elderly and disabled is not a standard product, but it needs a detailed analysis by our agent who will come to your home for free to study with you the ideal solution according to the type of scale, your tastes and your needs.

To overcome the architectural barriers of your home, it will be enough to install one of the following electrical aids:SERVOS

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