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Servoscale armchair

Mobility Care offers a wide range of armchair servoscales for the elderly to meet all your accessibility needs inside and outside your home. Our top-flight aids are comfortable, elegant, easy to use and make it easy to climb and descend safely. The armrests and the seat are made according to the most modern guidelines dictated by ergonomics: the optimal padding of the chair, the correct tilt of the back ensure maximum comfort and the ideal lumbar support. In the phase of use, these elderly aids can be enclosed upwards together with the footrest platform in order to reduce their footprint.

This saliscale for the elderly and disabled is not a standard product, but it needs a detailed analysis by our agent who will come to your home for free to study with you the ideal solution according to the type of scale, your tastes and your needs.

To overcome the architectural barriers of your home, it will be enough to install one of the following electrical aids: SERVOSCALE TO


LA Once you reach the desired plane, thanks to the manual or motorized rotation of the seat, you can easily get off and up from the chair.

The servoscale moves along three types of guidance:

  • Straight guide: it is installed at a step wire and allows you to go up and down a ladder ramp without changes in slope. The footprint is reduced to 15 cm in depth;
  • Single-tube guide: it is the most installed for its simplicity and integrates perfectly from an aesthetic and functional point of view in the environments. Only three fasteners on a linear flight are all it takes to install it. The footprint of the guide is about 18-20 cm and allows climbs with slopes varying up to 70 degrees;
  • Two-tube guide: it is the version that has a reduced footprint of about 12-16 cm, but needs to have more anchor points. It is generally used for servoscales set up outside the dwellings or when more stability is required due to requests for significant weights.

The standard Mobility Care armchair servoscales have a maximum range of 120 kg that can be extended to 137 kg for the increased version. In some special cases, where the requests for flow are higher, we have custom products that can support up to 230 kg.

Among the various models we have a hybrid version that presents in addition to the classic armchair also a platform easily resealable to reduce the footprint in the phase of use. This version can be useful in cases of progressive disabling diseases where walking is lacking and you have to resort to the use of a wheelchair to facilitate travel.


Analysis of ISTAT data for December 2014 shows that Italy has become the second country after Germany to process an ageing population with some of the highest life expectancy in the world. This figure is fuelled by a drastic drop in births and a better modus vivendi than in past years to ensure greater longevity of people. The daily life of the elderly and the disabled must, however, be supported by the correct aids that can help him to live his spaces safely inside and outside the home, overcoming all those architectural barriers that limit the autonomy of the Movements. Lately, much has been done from a legislative point of view to make public and newly built premises accessible. In the case of housing, adjustments are more common, facilitated by recent tax breaks (D.L. June 22, 2012 No. 83 and later: Extended until 31.12.2017 with the Budget Law 2017) and contributions on the purchase of servoscale platform, armchair servoscale and lift platforms as long as you comply with the legal regulations.

As you get older, your body starts to slow down at the metabolic level, and as a result, even simple movements tend to be slower and slower. Common gestures such as climbing stairs become heavy and more and more elderly people, because of their instability in walking, risk falling by procuring fractures or even going to die. In these cases the benefits of installing armchair servoscales are manifold. With the installation of this system for overcoming architectural barriers in your home, the completely natural movements that you were able to make easily will no longer be a memory: you can move safely and reappropriate of your life.


The equipment and safety in the armchair servoscales that Mobility Care markets are always regulatory-compliant (DM 236/89 Design criteria and related technical specifications), so that you feel serene during your ascent and descent movements to the floors. For this reason, the scale salts will be equipped with the following safety accessories and optional as standard:

  • Rechargeable batteries that guarantee movement even in the event of a momentary absence of power for a total of up to 15 displacements;
  • Seat belts to fasten before starting the direction of travel;
  • Action button maintained;
  • Anti-crushing sensors and bands as per the machine directive that allows you to block the servo scale in case it goes to hit an obstacle or a person present on the stairs.
  • two remote controls that allow the call to the floor of the armchair, useful even if it is used by multiple people in the same environment.

In addition to selling servo scales for the elderly and disabled, Mobility Care installs a wide range of accessibility products such as stairlifts, home elevators and ramps. We also carry out bathroom renovations using aids that facilitate the daily lives of people with disabilities.

Consider among our armchair servoscales the solution that best suits your mobility needs and if you need information contact us at the email address .

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